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Jeffrey Epstein (left) and federal agents carrying seized items from his Manhattan home.

AFP/Getty Images; Robert Mecea

Nude photos of underage girls founNude photos of underage girls found at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan home: feds 
By Ruth BrownJuly 8, 2019  
[Jeffrey Epstein; feds leaving Epstein's home with seized goods]
Jeffrey Epstein (left) and federal agents carrying seized items from his Manhattan home.AFP/Getty Images; Robert Mecea

[An FBI agent carries seized materials from the home of Jeffrey Epstein.] An FBI agent carries seized materials from the home of Jeffrey Epstein.

The feds found naked photos of young girls while searching Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan home, prosecutors alleged Monday.
At a press conference, Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said investigators “seized evidence including nude photographs of what appeared to be underage girls” while scouring the convicted pedophile’s mansion over the weekend.
Agents busted into the 66-year-old’s $77 million Upper East Side townhouse Saturday as Epstein was arrested on sex trafficking charges at a New Jersey airport.
In a memo, Berman alleged they found “perhaps thousands” of photos of nude and half-nude females there — including images of “at least one girl who, according to her counsel, was underage at the time the relevant photographs were taken.”
In an indictment unsealed Monday, prosecutors said they want to seize the seven-story East 71st Street property.
Epstein is accused of cultivating “a vast network” of underage girls as young as 14 whom he “sexually exploited and abused” in New York and Florida in the 2000s.

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Decision not to arrest Assange over rape claim won't be appealed
Dean Gray June 21 2019​
Sweden's prosecution authority said yesterday it would not appeal a court ruling rejecting a formal request that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange be detained while an allegation of rape is investigated.
Assange, an Australian national, is currently serving a 50-week sentence in Britain for skipping bail after spending seven years holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden. He denies the rape accusation.
Sweden wants to question Assange, but cannot request his extradition from Britain without a detention order and a European Arrest Warrant.
"Work is now focused on assessing the evidence," Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Eva-Marie Persson said in a statement.

"Please help save Julian's life from being murdered in the USA by the CIA ". Pamela Anderson ..MI6 controls the CIA ,,James Colbot" ..

"MI6 and the CIA want Julian dead for exposing their crimes" ..  INLNews Editor.

Chealsea Manning and Edward Snowden risked their lives and freedom to help leak the truth about wrongful, immoral, unjust, and illegal actions taken by those working under orders of those in control of the anglophone intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes (FVEY), an anglophone intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States

Roger Dean Kiser-Founder of -The Whitehouse Boys-, the boys of the Arthur G Dozier

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The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance by Kirsty Greenwood is now Published

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." — C.G. Jung

Don’t Make These Mistakes While Visiting Japan
Japan is quickly becoming a favorite among travelers. In 2018, the country received over 30 million tourists. People from Western countries love how different the culture is. Unfortunately, it’s this cultural gap that causes tourists to make mistakes.
These mistakes aren’t just etiquette breaches; they can land you in trouble. You can get arrested for taking an undesired photo. You could end up waiting forever for your server. With the right cultural and travel knowledge, you won’t make these common mistakes in Japan.
If you assume the restrooms have soap, you’re already making a mistake…
Don’t Look For A Trash Can
Don’t expect Japan to have trash cans on every block. Since the 1995 sarin gas attacks, garbage cans have largely disappeared from Japanese cities. As a result, you may not find a trash can for miles. Don’t waste your time searching for one. Experienced travelers will carry their trash until they find a garbage can.

" The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the Major Media.." ....Former CIA Director William Colby

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Former priest, John Stamford, publisher of Spartacus. BOYLINKS - USA, UK, EUROPE, THE WORLD

Actress Pamela Anderson speaks out in support of Julian Assange and Freedom of The Press

​Put a woman in charge

by  Ken Mo-Rossanne Cash

Wikipedia Exposed-Current State Of The Matrix
07 September 2015 by J. D. Heyes 
Wikipedia exposed as a blackmail racket that extorts small businesses while publishing corporate propaganda.
As reported by the UK’s Independent newspaper, hundreds of small British businesses and minor celebrities have been targeted by a high-​level blackmail scam that was orchestrated by “rogue editors” at Wikipedia. (Side note: We at Natural News believe if this is happening in Britain, it’s a safe bet to assume it could be happening in others in other nations – just saying.) 
Read More at :

Media freedom is almost over. Only one thing can save Julian Assange from dying in prison.
James Wright    22nd June 2019

​Media freedom is on its last legs
Media freedom is on its last legs. Julian Assange now faces an extradition hearing that beginson 25 February 2020 in the magistrates’ court. That’s under chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot, who has previously thrown Assange and the United Nations’ version of events out the window.
The opinion of UK judges like Arbuthnot is crucial. Because there will be no jury at any stage of Assange’s UK extradition process. Supposedly, he’ll receive his right to a fair trial in the requesting state. In this case – the US. But in the words of UN official Professor Nils Melzer, he has“no chance” of that. Once extradited, it could be all over for the WikiLeaks co-founder.
The truth is there’s only one thing that can stop Assange dying in prison and media freedomalong with him. And that’s if public opinion doesn’t stand for it.
No fair trial in the US
In the US, the authorities can simply invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA), which means Assange would face a secret trial with no jury. This closed trial would take place in what’s known as the ‘Espionage court’ under national security judge Leonie Brinkema, who Bill Clinton appointed. According to CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou, who was tried in the East District of Virginia court under Brinkema, no national security defendant has ever won a case there.
And as Kiriako explains, it’s even worse than that:
“My attorney told me, very angrily, near the end of the case. You know what your problem is? Your problem is that you think this is about justice. And it’s not about justice. It’s about mitigating damage. He said in the Eastern District of Virgina they would convict a baloney sandwich if the government asked them to. He said ‘take the deal, if you were my own brother I would beg you to take the deal’. And so I took the deal….”
No fair trial in the UK
That leaves the UK extradition process, where there’s also no jury at any stage. And Arbuthnot – who prominent Conservative Elizabeth Truss appointed – has previously upheld the official version of events. In a ruling on 13 February 2018, Arbuthnot said that she gives “little weight” to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, which found that Assange was being ‘arbitrarily detained’ in the Ecuadorian embassy. The UN group demanded the authorities allowAssange to walk free in 2015. Dismissing this, Arbuthnot argued there was no evidence “that Mr Assange’s fears” of extradition to the US “were reasonable”. Arbuthnot, therefore, referred to Assange’s asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy, which began in 2012, as “his decision”.
But there are major problems with this characterisation. Because the chief magistrate ignored the fact that the US Grand Jury had opened an investigation into WikiLeaks, calling witnesses as early as 2011. And now, of course, the US indictment has vindicated Assange and his supporters’ fears of US extradition. The former WikiLeaks editor faces 175 years in prison for basic journalistic activity relating to story hunting, source protection and publishing.
Despite the grand jury investigation and the clear risk of US persecution, Sweden refused to guarantee that Assange would not be extradited to the US. That left Assange with no choice but to seek asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy, as the UN ruling found. And contrary to what some have argued, Sweden could have guaranteed not to extradite the WikiLeaks co-founder. The extradition treaty between the US and Sweden states that Sweden could refuse to extradite if it believed the US case concerned “a political offense” or a lack of evidence.
Nonetheless, the UK’s chief magistrate dismissed the UN and Assange’s account, favouring the official narrative.
Assange’s supporters also question the impartiality of the chief magistrate. She is married to prominent Conservative peer James Arbuthnot, who has links to the intelligence services.
Not the be all and end all
Following the magistrates’ court ruling, Assange will be able to appeal the process in the High Court and then perhaps the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights. The decision on his fate will then lie with the opinions of the judges there.
“Not binding on this court”
On 1 May 2019, Assange received a 50-week prison sentence for seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy while on bail. The former WikiLeaks editor received double the sentence than Jack Shepherd, who in the same month, skipped bail after actually killing someone with a speedboat. Since February 2018, the US has indicted Assange and called for his extradition – vindicating his decision to obtain asylum in the embassy. Nonetheless, judge Deborah Taylor upheld Arbuthnot’s ruling:
As far as the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention opinion is concerned, this is not binding on this court, and, as is apparent from the ruling of the Chief Magistrate, with some personal knowledge of the matters relied upon, it was underpinned by misconceptions of fact and law.
With the UK court action in mind, WikiLeaks has questioned whether Assange – a high profile enemy of the US and UK establishments – can receive a fair hearing in Britain.
It’s down to us
Anyone who wants to uphold the right for journalists to expose the worst excesses of governments should be very concerned. The only way to uphold this right is if the public do not stand for the criminalisation of journalism.
In order to do this, we must separate the man from the issue of press freedom. The US indictments are not about allegations of sexual assault in Sweden, which Assange should face separate proceedings for. They are specifically concerned with WikiLeaks publishing documents exposing war crimes that the US would have preferred to remain under wraps. Such as the US indiscriminately gunning down journalists in Iraq and tens of thousands of unreported civilian deaths. Whatever you think of Assange, what’s at stake is our ability to hold governments to account.
In the US and the UK, Assange will not receive a fair trial. If he’s convicted, it will set a precedent that puts journalists at risk worldwide. So it’s down to us. We cannot simply sit by and watch crony capitalist neocons take away such a fundamental freedom. We must fight back immediately.
Featured image via Cancillería del Ecuador/ Flickr
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Major Media Support Assange’s Unlawful Arrest
by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Prosecuting Assange for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism risks elimination of virtually all fundamental freedoms in the US, UK, and other Western societies.
It reflects the triumph of tyranny over the rule of law, as well as equity and justice for all.
Instead of unequivocally denouncing what’s going on, major US media blamed the victim, the NYT saying Assange “deserves his fate (while) set(ting) a dangerous precedent,” adding:
He’s “an odious person (sic) who initially sought refuge in the embassy to dodge charges stemming from an alleged sexual assault in Sweden.” 
“In the 2016 election, Assange acted as a conduit for Russian intelligence services that had hacked emails from top Democrats.”
“There is ample evidence of his misogyny and anti-Semitism. He might be known as an information anarchist, but by helping Trump become president, he became a handmaiden to authoritarianism.”
“So Assange may well deserve to go to prison.” No responsible editors would touch the above rubbish. Times editors featured it.
Fact: Phony rape and sexual abuse charges against him by Swedish authorities were later dropped because they had no validity.
Fact: Assange is an investigative journalist, publishing material from reliable sources believed to be true.
Fact: Accusing him of ties to Russian intelligence or any other governments is a bald-faced Big Lie, not a shred of evidence suggesting it – nor any suggesting he’s guilty of misogyny and anti-Semitism.
Fact: He had nothing to do with helping Trump triumph over media darling Hillary, her own worst enemy, proved time and against during her abysmal campaign and by her deplorable record as me-first lady, US senator, and secretary of state – a tool of Wall Street and the military, industrial, security, media complex.
Fact: Like countless other times, the self-styled newspaper of record blamed the victim, failing to praise Assange, Chelsea Manning, and other heroic figures for exposing US high crime of war, against humanity, and other major criminal offenses.
The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post turned truth on its head, saying “Julian Assange is not a free-press hero (sic). And he is long overdue for personal accountability (sic),” adding:
His “case could conclude as a victory for the rule of law (sic), not the defeat for civil liberties (sic).” Claiming “WikiLeaks published material stolen from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta” is a bald-faced Big Lie.
Information was leaked by a DNC insider, not stolen, an indisputable fact the national security state and supportive media want suppressed.
Neither WikiLeaks or Assange acted “as a front (for) Russian intelligence (sic)…for its (alleged) interference (sic) in the US election.” Not a shred of evidence supports both falsified accusations.
WaPo: “Mr. Assange…published secret government documents…obtained…unethically” – a bald-faced Big Lie. 
Fact: WikiLeaks published information exposing US high crimes of war and against humanity, along with leaked DNC material, things everyone has a right to know, what establishment media suppress.
WaPo: (U)nlike real journalists (sic), WikiLeaks dumped material into the public domain without any effort independently to verify its factuality (sic)…”
Polar opposite is true! WikiLeaks publishes leaked information from reliable sources it believes to be true and is vital to reveal – a vitally important public service.
WaPo: “…Mr. Assange’s transfer to US custody, followed possibly by additional Russia-related charges or his conversion into a cooperating witness, could be the key to learning more about Russian intelligence’s efforts to undermine democracy in the West (sic). Certainly he is long overdue for personal accountability (sic).”
Fact: Russia seeks cooperative relations with other countries, conspiring against none, doing nothing to undermine democracy (sic) in the West – polar opposite how the US and its imperial partners operate.
Fact: How could Russia undermine what doesn’t exist, not in the US, UK, or other Western societies!
The Wall Street Journal urged “accountability for Assange,” turning truth on its head, saying he “has done much harm to American interests over the last decade (sic),” adding:

“It’s notable, and welcome, that Mr. Assange isn’t being charged under the Espionage Act of 1917.”

Fact: Once extradited to US custody, a second indictment on espionage charges is likely, maybe certain – similar to bogus charges against Chelsea Manning, what got her wrongfully sentenced to 35 years imprisonment, commuted by Obama, then again arrested and detained for invoking her constitutional rights not to give witch hunt grand jury testimony.
The Journal repeated the Big Lie claim about WikiLeaks publishing hacked DNC and Hillary campaign information, failing to explain it was leaked by a Dem insider.
The Journal: “…Mr. Assange has never been a hero of transparency or democratic accountability” – a bald-faced Big Lie.
The Journal: “His targets always seem to be democratic institutions or governments (sic)…If he really is such a defender of transparency, he should have no fear of a trial to defend his methods.”
Fact: No “democratic institutions or governments” exist in the West – nor due process or equal protection under law, especially not in the US or UK run by fascist regimes.
Post-9/11, police state America abolished fundamental rule of law principles, why longterm imprisonment awaits Assange if extradited to the US – guilty by accusation of the “crime” of truth-telling journalism the way it should be.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at
My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman was born in 1934 in Boston, MA. In 1956, he received a BA from Harvard University. Two years of US Army service followed, then an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1960. After working seven years as a marketing research analyst, he joined the Lendman Group family business in 1967. He remained there until retiring at year end 1999. Writing on major world and national issues began in summer 2005. In early 2007, radio hosting followed. Lendman now hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network three times weekly. Distinguished guests are featured. Listen live or archived. Major world and national issues are discussed. Lendman is a 2008 Project Censored winner and 2011 Mexican Journalists Club international journalism award recipient.

​One of these is the most powerful man on Earth, and the other is Obama - INL Video News



A WikipediaExposed reader wanted this to be publicly This sound heko you protect from a world disaster situation.  Special present for the reader.
If Corona Virus cannot cure down quickly Tokyo Olympic will have big problem. So Neten inc. make those very powerful word wave., even 1 person try then it will go in the world... Lots of people has good result with turn on those sound by digital sound.

Wikipedia exposed
 By Alek Boyd  First Published in 2007  

To those who like me have been reporting the evolving crisis in Venezuela the news came as no surprise: Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, is, to put it mildly, utterly unreliable. It didn't surprise us because we bear witness of how Hugo Chavez's and Venezuela's pages have been edited almost beyond recognition. In fact apologists of Hugo Chavez have expressed their pride on their 'editing work' in Wikipedia. Logically the only natural conclusion one could reach in light of it is that no Wikipedia entry can be trusted.
The revelation of the true identity of Essjay -aka Ryan Jordan- reinforces apprehensions towards the online encyclopedia. A 24 year old managed to con not only the Wikipedian community but also Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia's founder. The fact that Wales went as far as establishing a working relationship with Jordan without even bothering to undertake the perfectly normal credential-checking processes to be expected between an employer and its employees speaks volumes about Wales duty of care towards his pet project.
Wikipedia does not check the credentials of its editors, that much is known. However knowledge about its editing processes and criteria remains scant. A request to remove links to my site from all Chavez related pages was introduced by another anonymous Wikipedian. Flanker, as his online name goes, argued that was not a reliable sources of information with regards to Venezuela. But who is this Flanker character and what reasons prompted him to make such request? What I know is that he is an avowed apologist of Hugo Chavez and frequents comments sections of sites publishing commentary on Venezuela in order to advance the premise that Chavez's Venezuela is the closest approximation to paradise on earth. I also suspect that he is not even Venezuelan, neither is Sandy, that other Wikipedian involved in the issue. So how come people characterized by their superficiality of knowledge and partisanship about our issues get to decide what constitutes reliable information sources? Furthermore how come they are allowed to rewrite history without providing credible evidence to substantiate their claims?
Recently another Wikipedian (Maracucho) created a page about me that draw the ire of Chavez's fans and so they started editing it. When I noticed it I tried to delete the whole thing, knowing full well the infantile approach that Wikipedians have for facts. I could not, but was advised to take the issue with the Wikipedia Information team [] that granted my request to have my page deleted.
I guess the take away message is that orthodox encyclopedias, with responsible editing processes, will continue being the preferred choice of serious people.

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The Bexley Boys Home in Australia - opened in 1915 and closed in 1979.
From the 1960s and 1970s onwards Boys were being 'rented out' for abuse at a Salvation Army boys' home in Australia.
"A man named FV told police that in 1974 the Superintendent of the Bexley home, Captain Lawrence Wilson, introduced him to a woman in Salvation Army uniform who was accompanied by a man.
"FV said they took him back to their home and sexually abused him."

While Visiting Japan Only Visiting Toyko Is A Mistake

Don’t get us wrong, definitely visit Toyko! But make sure it isn’t your only stop in Japan. There are so many other wonderful cities and rural areas to visit, it would be a shame to stick to the main hub. And if you have a JR pass, it is fairly cheap to go explore other parts of the country.
Depending on what you’re interested in, Japan has landscapes ranging from beaches and islands to mountains and forests. You can visit the deer in Nara or even the infamous bamboo forests in Kyoto, or even Himeji Castle in the springtime when the flowers are in bloom. The options are endless!

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While Visiting Japan Be Mindful Of Defacing World Heritage Locations

A huge tourist destination is Arashiyama in Kyoto, Japan, to see the giant emerald-green bamboo groves. Walking through the stalks of bamboo seems to transport you into another world. Unfortunately, tourists have been known to deface this natural beauty, carving their names into over 100 of the stems. A similar sentiment as leaving a love lock on a Parisian bridge.
Contrary to popular belief, etching your name isn’t romantic, but a form of vandalism. Since each of the stems are rooted, if one bamboo stalk is harmed it can potentially harm them all. Be sure to admire the bamboo from a distance! There is no reason to touch.

Eisenhower at Bohemian Grove 1950.

The media has been telling us about the child abuse and child murders associated with such places as:
1. The Arthur G Dozier School, in Marianna in Florida
2. Boys town, in Omaha
3. Colonia Dignidad, in Chile
4. Certain children's homes and hospitals in Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK
5. Certain child brothels in Thailand, Cambodia, London etc.
6. Marc Dutroux's cellars in Belgium.
7. Certain pool parties in Hollywood.

Elliot Rodger - sex slave?.
Roger Dean Kiser-Founder of "The Whitehouse Boys", the boys of the Arthur G Dozier School. ( 
The term ï¿½The White House Boys� was coined in 1997 by Roger Dean Kiser on a former Geocities web site (BHI) Beverly Hills Internet. The term originated from a small white building where boys were beaten at the former Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna, Florida. The terms "The American Orphan" and "The Sad Orphan" were also coined at the same time. These terms were registered by HCI Incorporated (13:978-0-7573-1321-6 and 10:0-7573-1421X)

It has become clear that all of the above child abuse can be linked to the CIA, and its friends.
You could say that the culprits are a 'Zionist-Nazi-Mafia faction' within the CIA, Mossad and the Pentagon.
If the CIA wants to control the boss of MI6, or the Secretary General of NATO, or a top Hollywood entertainer, or the President of the United States, or a member of a royal family, or a newspaper editor, or a key employee of Google, it can supply them with young girls or boys.
In order to get the system in place, the CIA has to know where children will be available for abuse.

A guide book is helpful.
In 1964, an American called Bob Damron published a book listing gay bars.
The CIA is reported to have photographs of certain top foreign dignitaries visiting such bars.
From 1969/1970 onwards you could buy the Spartacus guide book which listed the child brothels all around the world from Port Au Prince to Pattaya.
It was a very fat guide book
It was advertised in the mainstream media and was available in the larger bookshops.
In other words, the security services seemed to be encouraging people to buy the book.
Now, the big question is, how on earth did the Spartacus editors know the details of all these brothels around the world?

The people most likely to know all the details were the CIA and its friends.
The CIA has been linked to child abuse and child murder worldwide.
Former priest, John Stamford, publisher of Spartacus. BOYLINKS - USA, UK, EUROPE, THE WORLD
The Spartacus Club and Spartacus International were run from Amsterdam by John Stamford, a former Roman Catholic priest from the UK.
In 1995, Stamford died mysteriously in prison in Belgium, aged 56.
Spartacus members got a '10% Discount' at the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London.

Ex-Tory minister 'pictured in child sex abuse video' confiscated by customs

Peter Glencross, commercial manager of Spartacus, helped persuade Carole Kasir to turn her Elm Guest House into a boy brothel.
Peter Glencross reportedly set out to create a network of child brothels for Spartacus members.
Customers of the Elm Guest house included members of MI5 and a cabinet minister, reportedly.
Elm guest house scandal: Coded advert that gave signal to perverts

According to the German blog brunoleaks:

John D. Stamford "was responsible for the exploitation of children in Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines …"

In London five star accolades are given, by Spartacus, to - Heaven (Richard Branson),Subway, Napoleon, Bolts, the Tent...
Spartacus | theneedleblog
Ecole en Bateau, a front for a paedophile ring. Azimuth Trust was linked to 'boat schools'
"The details of each of the Spartacus members, including their sexual preferences, the desired age of the children and preferred countries of origin were stored on a computer.
Paedophiles who prey on youngsters worldwide - World - News ...
"An estimated 200,000 Nepalese children have been sold into sexual slavery in India; in Thailand up to a quarter of a million children work in brothels; and in Colombia one third of prostitutes are thought to be under 14.

Paedophiles who prey on youngsters worldwide - World - News ...

In 1955, we have the earliest recorded instance of child abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile (above), who is believed to have worked for the security services. In the late 1950's, Savile visited Moscow. On one occasion he gave a talk to the Israeli cabinet. He was a friend of the Chief of the UK Defence Staff.

We can go back at least as far as 1950 when Eisenhower, Hoover and Edward Teller attended the Bohemian Grove in California.

Bohemian Grove is where the top people meet and reportedly get involved in child abuse and worse.

In other words, there is a long history of the top people being involved in child abuse.


What we are talking about is child sex slaves, produced by the CIA.
In 1953 the US government sanctioned Project MKUltra, the CIA's programme to produce mind-controlled people, including child sex slaves. 
Experiments are carried out on large numbers of children taken from children's care homes, such as Boys Town. 
A child victim of the CIA's MK ULTRA
The MK ULTRA scientists, working in around 80 institutions, included Nazi war criminals. 
Donald Ewen Cameron worked on the programme in Canada and William Sargant worked on the programme in London.
The MK ULTRA scientists made use of torture.
Marianna and Marianna Army Air Field.
From the 1940s onwards, the Arthur G Dozier School, in Marianna in Florida, was a home for boys.
It is situated near a military base and may be linked to the CIA's MK ULTRA mind control programme.
When a child is being mind-controlled, he is often forced to watch the murder of another child.
Excavators have discovered at least 50 bodies buried in the grounds of the school, which was shut in 2011.

In 2008, the Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, was forced to launch an investigation into the "hundreds of unmarked graves located at the school". 
Rape, torture and murder took place at this school in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
Dick Colon said he was forced to lie face-down on a blood-soaked pillow that had small pieces of lip, tongue and skin from the previous boy's beating. 
Colon recalls looking through the steamed-up window of a tumble-drier in the school laundry and seeing a black boy inside, churning round and round. 

Nazareth Lodge
In the 1950s and 1960s, in Northern Ireland, there was 'Nazi-style' abuse of children in children's care homes.
One former resident says that "he was in a chain gang polishing floors, bathed in detergent as punishment and sexually assaulted by a woman when he was aged five or six.
Church-run 'hell hole' homes were 'like Nazi concentration camps' / Children Forced To 'Eat Their Own Vomit' In Church-Run 'Hell Hole' / Children's homes 'like Auschwitz'

The top Zionists and the top Nazis work together.
In the mid 1950s, the charity Colonia Dignidad was set up in Chile by a 'Jewish Nazi' called Paul Schäfer Schneider.
Reportedly, the CIA, Mossad and the West German secret service used Colonia Dignidad for experiments involving the torture and mind control of kidnapped children.
"It was known since 1964 that the members of the commune were being subjected to torture; it was known since 1977 that political prisoners were tortured there; and the child abuse was known about since the 1970s."

Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad
Colonia Dignidad, which became Villa Baviera.

"Germans in the colony knew how to keep a person alive for several days or weeks while putting him or her through the most terrible agony and humiliation..."
Colonia Dignidad is said to have links to a large number of Nazis linked to Operation Paperclip, MK ULTRA brainwashing, satanic ritual abuse, AmeriCares, the Knights of Malta and the Vatican.
German authorities investigated charges that from thirty to forty children reported missing from the Bonn and Cologne areas wound up at Colonia Dignidad. 
Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad

Michael Townley - "the primary liaison between Colonia Dignidad and the Pinochet regime was an American CIA agent named MichaelTownley who also served as a member of the Chilean secret police in addition to helping plan the military coup that ousted Allende." Latin American Cults Part I
In 1956, John Ross led a fact-finding committee investigating Australian children's homes to which British children had been sent.

He wanted 26 institutions blacklisted. His report was ignored by the government.
Large numbers of children have been tortured and raped in children's care homes in Australia.
The CIA is said to control the key people in Australia.

Boys' home horror recalled.
Often the police have been involved in the abuse.
Two journalists from Australia's Sun-Herald claimed see evidence of the satanic ritual abuse of children.
They interviewed six mothers whose children had disclosed experiences of Satanic Ritual Abuse and organised abuse in New South Wales.

Cathy O'Brien
In 1957, Cathy O'Brien was born.
She became a child victim of the mind control government project named Project Monarch, part of MK ULTRA
She recalls that as a child she was sexually abused by international pedophile rings, drug barons and satanists.

In 1957, 11-year-old Moira Anderson was last seen boarding a bus in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, Scotland. 
According to The Sunday Times (Pressure on police to release paedophile dossier), 23 April 2006, Strathclyde Police have a dossier listing members of a child-abuse ring. 
The dossier is said to implicate senior public figures, including senior police officers and members of the Crown Office and former Scottish Office.

The Bexley Boys Home in Australia - opened in 1915 and closed in 1979.
From the 1960s and 1970s onwards Boys were being 'rented out' for abuse at a Salvation Army boys' home in Australia.
"A man named FV told police that in 1974 the Superintendent of the Bexley home, Captain Lawrence Wilson, introduced him to a woman in Salvation Army uniform who was accompanied by a man.
"FV said they took him back to their home and sexually abused him."

Sir Jimmy Savile with Elvis.
In 1960, Jimmy Savile visited visits Elvis Presley in California.

Laurel Canyon
Billy Bryars, the son of an oil magnate, ran a 'boy brothel' at the summit of Laurel Canyon in California. 
Customers at the boy brothel were said to include J. Edgar Hoover and his 'gay' partner Clyde Tolson.
Inside The Laurel Canyon.

California is a major site for CIA mind-control experiments.
Elvis is said to have been mind-controlled.
Harvey Proctor.
In 1961, in the UK, the Conservative Party's Monday Club was set up.
Its members have included Harvey Proctor, Rhodes Boyson and Peter Bottomley.
Members of the Monday Club are said to have visited the Elm Guest house boy brothel, and taken young boys to Amsterdam.
The Elm Guest House has been linked to MI5.
John Wetterer

In 1963, John Wetterer was active in Vietnam.

John Wetterer, set up the Shoeshine Boys Foundation.

Allegedly, the Shoeshine Boys was a pedophile ring serving the American military.

Wetterer was helped by Robert Macauley, the founder of AmeriCares, an organisation which has been linked to the CIA.

Kray Twins, possible victims of mind control. KRAY TWINS BRAINWASHED?

In 1963, Winston Churchill's close friend Lord Boothby was introduced to the Kray twins.

The Kray Twins were  murderous gangsters who reportedly supplied young boys to the elite.

The Kray Twins reportedly had a connection to the security services.


Reportedly, around 50,000 aboriginal (native Indian) children died in residential schools in Canada

Canada has been a major centre of CIA mind-control experiments.

In 1964, William Combes says he witnessed "the abduction of ten fellow residential school children by the Queen of England and her husband in October, 1964 at the Catholic school in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada."

In the 1960's, child abuse was taking place at the Kincora boys home, in Belfast

Reportedly, Kincora was run as a boy brothel by MI5, which wanted to blackmail and control certain political leaders.

Jimmy Savile used to visit Northern Ireland.

In 1963, a male victim came forward to claim that Jimmy Savile raped him in Cheshire but he was told by police to "forget about it".

From 1965 - 1988, Sir Jimmy Savile was a volunteer porter and fundraiser at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

He had his own quarters there.

Reportedly, satanic ritual abuse took place at the hospital.

In 1965, Greystone Heath approved school for boys in Warrington was being used by a child abuse ring.

In 1966, Lord Mountbatten introduced Savile to Prince Philip.
In 1966,Jimmy Savile was awarded was honorary green beret by the Royal Marines.
In 1966, Michael Trestrail, 'linked to the Elm guest house boy brothel', became the Duke of Edinburgh's "personal police officer".
In 1967, Prince Edward became the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales.

Guy Marsden
In 1967, Jimmy Savile's nephew, 13 year old Guy Marsden, was frequently taken to the homes of wealthy celebrities.
In these homes, men sexually abused girls and boys as young as 10, with Savile present.
In 1969, Savile visited the island of Jersey, famous for child abuse, child torture and child murder.
In 1969, the BBC's Savile recorded 'Christmas Songs of Praise' from Calder High School.
The BBC is said to be run by the security services. Its key employees usually have links to the military and Israel.
From at least the 1970s onwards, Boys were being sexually abused at Boys Town, in Omaha.
Larry King got children for his Franklin child abuse ring from Boys Town, Omaha.
Child victims said that King took part in the satanic ritual murder of children. theNSAisWATCHIN.

The "Washington Post", "New York Times", "Village Voice" and "National Law Journal" referred to the accusations.
King was linked to Iran-Contra.

King was said to have provided the CIA with information gained from the users of the child sex ring.


Around 1969, Warwick Spinks (above) was caught on secret camera offering to supply a video in which a 10 year old boy was killed and another featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy.

The untouchable "Warwick Spinks ... built businesses and bought properties in South Africa, Namibia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, France and England..."


In the early 1970's, soldier John Peters, who helped make the 'Bjorn tape' video involving the horrific sex assault of an 8 year old boy, managed to go absent without leave.

In the 1970's and 1980's, pedophile rings for top people were operating in children's care homes in Islington in London. 
This happened "under the watch of Margaret Hodge", the Islington politician who is a friend of Tony Blair.
In the 1970's, Sir Jimmy Savile becomes a regular visitor to the Haut de La Garenne children's care home on the child abuse island of Jersey.
In 1970 there was the first recorded instance of child abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile at Duncroft school in Surrey.

Savile and Heath
In 1970, Edward Heath, who was a frequent visitor to the child abuse island of Jersey, became Prime Minister.

In 1971, Claire McAlpine, who had been a young dancer on BBC TV,committed suicide at the age of 15.
In her diary she named showbusiness personalities whom she claimed had "used" her.
The allegations were dismissed by the police and by the BBC, and Jimmy Savile denied having known her

Father Bruce Ritter mixing with the teenage boy prostitutes of New York.

In 1972, Father Bruce Ritter, a vice president of Americares, set up a charity called Covenant House, 'as a cover for a pedophile ring'.

Cia's 'Christian' faction; AmeriCares, pedophile rings.

In 1973, Michael Trestrail, linked to Elm Guest House, became the Queen's bodyguard.

From 1973 - 1982, Children from Grafton Close Children's Home were being abused at the Elm guest house by top people.

Right - Sir peter Morrison with Thatcher. Left - North Wales children's care home used as a boy brothel. ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE.
From 1974 - 1990, child abuse rings were operating at various children's homes in North wales.
Margaret Thatcher's close friend Sir Peter Morrison, and a McAlpine, were reportedly involved.
In the mid 1970's, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was active in promoting the idea of legalising sex with children over 4.
PIE was financed and organised by people linked to the security services, reportedly.
In 1975, Prince Edward served as President of The Scout Association.

A large number of child celebrities are reported to be victims of the CIA's MK ULTRA mind-control.
In 1975, Project MKUltra was brought to public attention by the Church Committee of the U.S. Congress.
In 1975, Jimmy Savile made a 10 day 'state visit' to Israel.
He met President Ephraim Katzir and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, and was organised by John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust.

In 1975, Sir Jimmy Savile reportedly beat and raped a girl at Stoke Mandeville hospital as part of a satanic ritual with other adults in the hospital basement.
He chanted 'Hail Satan' in Latin.

Savile and Thatcher. Jimmy Savile spent several Christmases at Margaret Thatcher's home.
From 1975 - 1980, we had 'the Yorkshire Ripper murder spree'.
Jimmy Savile was viewed as a suspect in the Ripper murders and was questioned by West Yorkshire Police.
Moulds were taken of his teeth.
In 1976, Jimmy Savile, at Haut de La Garenne on the child abuse island of Jersey, sexually abused ''John'' who was aged 10 at time of assault.
Two top police officers officers have claimed that Jersey's Haut de la Garenne care home was at the centre of a ''well-protected paedophile ring''.
Victims of the Oakland county child killer.
From 1975 until 1976, Francis D Shelden owned North Fox Island, in Lake Michigan.
The island was a major centre of child abuse activity.
Reportedly, Shelden is actually Frank Torey, the editor of Spartacus and PAN (see photo) along with John Stamford.

The Oakland County Child Killer is an unidentified serial killer responsible for the murders of four or more children, two girls and two boys, in Oakland County, Michigan, United States in 1976 and 1977.
It has been alleged that Frank Shelden/FrankTorey was the killer.

Oakland County Child Killer.
In 1976, Jimmy Savile was in Belfast, the site of the Kincora Boy's Home brothel, and several mysterious killings of children..
Guatemalan children with the Toybox charity which has links to the 'CIA front' organisation World Vision.

In 1976, John Hugh Wetterer, a Vietnam War veteran, founded an orphanage in Guatemala City called Mi Casa.

According to reports, it becomes a centre of child abuse.
JOHN WETTERER, GEORGE BUSH, CHILD ABUSE IN Guatemala. / Cia's 'Christian' faction; AmeriCares, pedophile rings.

In 1977, in London, Peter Righton, and other members of P.I.E., began sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy.
The abuse continued for several years.
Sir Cyril Smith and other VIPs were allegedly involved.
From 1979-81, an 11-year-old called Vincent was being abused at Elm Guest house and at a house in notorious Bexhill.
In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became UK Prime Minister.
Martin Allen
In 1979, Martin Allen, 15, disappeared.
He was last seen by a friend at King’s Cross Tube station as he made his way home from school.
A man and boy were seen acting suspiciously at Earl's Court, just a few miles from Elm Guest House.
A photofit of the man 'bears a remarkable resemblance to Harvey Proctor'.

The Real Reason Why Germany Halted Its Gold Repatriation From The NY Fed.
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Anonymous17 November 2014 at 12:35 
Anonymous17 November 2014 at 13:10
Anonymous17 November 2014 at 13:13
Anonymous17 November 2014 at 14:11

I hear GO2 (German Intelligence General Operations 2) have infiltrated the UK side of things... Explains why Thatcher's Government/cabinet sold UK out to a federal Europe run by Germany and why GCHQ sold its sorry arse!
Anonymous17 November 2014 at 17:24
Anonymous18 November 2014 at 01:03

The Frances Farmer's Revenge link is dead, but the material is available here. The specific article about Boystown: other articles by Frances Farmer's Revenge :

Anonymous18 November 2014 at 01:49

I believe I have just encountered a bit of synchronicity or the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon while perusing your research Aangirfan and these always interesting comments from your readers.

In the article entitled "Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children" under the "Who's Who of Satanic Child Abuse" from Chis Spivey's site, from the testimony of a one "Helen G.", we have the listing of Beaulieu Palace under places where children were taken for ritual purposes, where the author maintains many ceremonies where held and many bodies buried in the "New Forest" or cut up, weighted, and tossed into the sea.

Then, as I stumbled across this new link to a Daily Mail article on Elvis Presley's "secret sex life" from above:

We have:
"A 14-year old Priscilla Beaulieu, whose father was an officer in the U.S. Air Force and stationed nearby in Weisbaden, was hanging around the Eagle Club, the local military canteen, when she was spotted by Currie Grant, an airman first class in the Air Force and the club’s assistant manager."
Who we all know became Mrs. Elvis Presley. Really there are no odd connections to and from the points in question, I just thought it an odd coincident. Good Day Aang and Irfan!

Anonymous22 September 2015 at 08:43
Isn't Cathy O'Brien still mind controlled? By the way she behaved on the last Richie Allen show, it sure appears so. Mark Phillips is her handler. Her daughter is still part of that evil set up unfortunately.
David Howard3 December 2016 at 18:31
How come WikiLeaks never exposed Donald Trump's pedophile ties?
Anonymous6 July 2017 at 21:17
Link not working?
Unknown7 January 2018 at 05:32
He's also a pedophile?
MK ULTRA9 January 2018 at 18:28
If you want to see something on Trump watch this video, towards the middle it exposes something even worse 
Anonymous12 January 2018 at 00:54

Iain Yuile5 December 2016 at 12:37

Abuse "Nazi Style". Don't exactly know what that means. During the National Socialist era 1933-45, there was very, very strict rules about proper conduct in the Hitler Youth. My 92 year old Mother-in-law, was a member of the H.Y. and was very forthright that any such abuse was dealt with severly and so was very rare. Any abuse after that time in Germany was the usual pedophiles and perverts that turn up in all democracies",churches/synagogues,etc.
charles quinn6 December 2016 at 17:29
These people are the SICKEST PEOPLE ON EARTH !!!! To do this to anyone worse yet CHILDREN !!!!! DISCUSTING 
Dangerous Dan12 January 2017 at 16:51
Leolla disappered as did her publishers website.

Anonymous19 February 2017 at 12:17
They will have to answer to every horrific act they have inflicted upon these precious innocent children!! Maybe not now, but they will be. Even if they all are dead they will be risen from their graves and still will have to face the wrath of God. Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished, but those who are righteous will go free.
Proverbs 11:21 King James Version
Iviewit Technologies, Inc.20 February 2017 at 03:37

Where did 6 Million Nazis Go????????????
QUESTION? Why would Hitler decide late in the war, when news came that the crush was coming from those pesky Ruskies and the US, to suddenly murder his total free slave labor force, the Jews et al in the LABOR camps??? Why contract in IBM to label their arms with numbers??? Why not just work them to death and benefit from free slave labor, why the sudden rush to turn labor camps into death camps, especially where you are getting your asses whipped and need the labor to build fighting forces??? 
QUESTION? Where did 6 million hard core Nazi soldiers go after WWII only a handful tried? Well, we thought S. America but what if they really they went to the concentration camps and assumed the murdered peoples identities and even their entire bloodlines and ASSETS, ah back to that IBM Question of accounting for them with tattoo numbers? Instantly, Nazis turned into Jews and prized were the identities of Rabbis, Lawyers and Accountants, those numbers on the arms tracked their financial lines, their bloodlines, bank accounts, businesses, etc. of those who identities they stole, along with their wealth after exterminating their bloodlines. There were even Priests and other labor camp workers they killed for their identities and to be able to infiltrate various organizations like the catholic church, the legal systems of the world and more. 
So with the help of Pope Ratzinger (at that time he was not the Pope but rather a Nazi pilot of the most murderous gang of them, an infantry soldier and even a Hitley youth and he was part of the group that dropped bombs killing millions) aka Ratzi the Natzi (see info below or @ 
Unknown25 March 2017 at 11:02
This would explain the anti Jewish, anti Zionists in Israel and elsewhere. Very insightful.

Iviewit Technologies, Inc.20 February 2017 at 03:39
Cs Calkins20 February 2017 at 21:16
very concise timeline....many of the mentioned people & scenarios I have read before...when my girls were young, I never let them out of my sight as I feared them being sold down the river....most thought I was "overbearing" but I remember when I was young, we went to TJ for our dental work...while walking down a street with my family looking in shops, a shopkeeper grabbed my arm & tried to drag me to the back of his store but my dad was on it and grabbed me & told the guy in his face, "NO, NO" & shook his finger at him....consequently, the person backed off & we did not go to TJ any more after that...
Anonymous27 March 2017 at 10:30
that happened to me at 15 same thing happened
Anonymous23 May 2017 at 17:51
Reading, I suddenly remembered a man offering me a cigarette. I was about 15, 16. Having none I took it. I know now that it was laced with some drug. He smiled and asked me if I about how I felt. I became frightened and got away from him. I may have escaped a bad fate.
Arc Michael28 November 2017 at 18:37
:) Skull & Bones directive is drug trafficking and child trafficking.
laura7 January 2018 at 21:49
they protect the pedophile rings
Anonymous25 February 2019 at 18:01
Did not touch on the Bush family that much, which happens to be my ancestry. My mother maiden is Walker, her mother (my gma) is Bush. My mother ran away from home married a young boy and when they found her, they treated her with electric shock therapy, later I found out my mother molested my oldest daughter, when she us a toddler to I don't know. Mother had accused my ex her father, even calling DHS in to push the blame on him. Not until years later, when a sexual abuse therapist helped and determined it was a female who had sexual abuse my child, and at first they was go to come after me, when my daughter spoke up and told them it was grandma. I learned my mother was also a victim of sexual abuse by a Male family member not sure who. My grandparents where from Iowa and has moved to California. I never know my grandfather or my aunts or uncles. So I wonder what happened to my mother and why the family moved. My grandmother always talked about GHWB being her cousin. And funny thing is my mother always said the Walker's and the Bush family married within back and forth. I am the 1st child of my mother's 2nd marriage, her and her 1st husband had 4 children and he was from the Morgan family that breed the foundation Morgan horse. Then meets my father who is cousins with Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Dale Bumpers, Mike Huckabee and the royal family across the pond. Yes they are all related or tied together and this maybe the link... 
Children, drugs and weapons. I don't know much, it's all just bits and pieces that may or may not fit into my family's many unanswered question. Many of my mother's side are long gone. Mom and one of her sisters died from alzheimer's and the rest cancer.

Anon25 February 2019 at 21:33
Many thanks for the comments- Aangirfan.

Email and phone contact details for Donald Trump and Melina Knauss Trump go to

Promotional Video Three of the film- The Great American Novel
The Great American Novel - The Song - Written and Sung by Larry Norman -​​

D Notices and the Gagging of the Editors Main Stream Media Outlets by the anglophone intelligence alliance Five Eyes, (FVEY)

You may have heard of this before. When the Government wanted to "gag" newspaper editors to stop them revealing embarrassing details about MoD-related stories, it was called "slapping a D-Notice" on them. Any locations on the "Sensitive Sites Register" were mysteriously removed from public maps by men in cigar smoke filled rooms in Whitehall and just ended up appearing as farmers' fields...  In February 2004, the Secretary of the D-Notice Committee, Rear Admiral Nick Wilkinson, contacted me to assure me that things have changed for the better and that the system has been overhauled in recent years. With the introduction of Internet-based mapping and aerial photography data, he insisted that the Committee is now an independent and purely advisory body. It was to be known as the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC) and the D-Notices more correctly referred to as Defence Advisory (DA-Notices), as described in Nick Wilkinson's history book Secrecy and the Media published in 2009. It was renamed again in 2015, to the Defence and Security Media Advisory (DSMA) Committee, with the DA Notices renamed accordingly DSMA Notices.

The World Wide Security Agency Association called the Five Eyes which includes the security agencies for the UK, The USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. effectively control the issue of D Notices and black out directions to gag main stream media editors from talking a a certain person or subject. The Five Eyes, often abbreviated as FVEY, is an anglophone intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.
The origins of the FVEY can be traced back to the post–World War II period, when the Atlantic Charter was issued by the Allies to lay out their goals for a post-war world. During the course of the Cold War, the ECHELON surveillance system was initially developed by the FVEY to monitor the communications of the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc, although it is now used to monitor billions of private communications worldwide. The Five Eyes have issued a D Notice/Blackout direction that effectively stops any main stream media outlet talking about the controversial series of books published in the Western Australian State Library titled The Triumph of Truth (Who Is Watching The Watchers) and the author, Stephen Carew-Reid ......  because any international main stream  media attention into the unchallenged information and evidence exposed in these volumes and published in Australian libraries unchallenged since the 1990's .... would seriously rock the foundations of the legal, police, government, courts, business, public trustee, political, media circles in Western Australia ... that would shock the world.... 

One of the serious problems that the anglophone intelligence alliance Five Eyes, (FVEY) have in relation to Stephen Carew-Reid is that his father was a founding member and helped with he formation of ASIO and the Commonwealth Police of Australia (now called the Australian Federal Police- AFP), in the late 1940's, because his father was a colonel in Intelligence for the Australian and USA Air Forces in the Second World War, and was involved is helping the USA Air Force to master mind and carry out the then Top Secret Operation Point Blank ... 

The Pointblank directive authorised the initiation of Operation Pointblank, the code name for the primary portion of the Allied Combined Bomber Offensiveintended to cripple or destroy the German aircraft fighter strength, thus drawing it away from frontline operations and ensuring it would not be an obstacle to the invasion of Northwest Europe. The Pointblank directive of 14 June 1943 ordered RAF Bomber Command and the U.S. Eighth Air Force to bomb specific targets such as aircraft factories, and the order was confirmed when the Allies met at the Quebec Conference, 1943.
Up to that point the RAF and USAAF had mostly been attacking German industry in their own way – the British by broad night attacks on industrial areas and the US in "precision attacks" by day on specific targets. The operational execution of the Directive was left to the commanders of the forces and as such even after the directive the British continued in night attacks and the majority of the attacks on German fighter production and combat with the fighters was down to the USAAF. In practice the USAAF bombers made large scale daylight attacks on factories involved in the production of fighter aircraft. The Luftwaffe was forced into defending against these raids, and its fighters were drawn into battle with the bombers and their escorts. It was these battles of attrition that reduced the Luftwaffe strength despite increases in German aircraft production.

Stephen Carew-Reid's father who died in 1986, handed Stephen Carew-Reid a copy of all of his secret Intelligence files and explained to his son, Stephen Carew-Reid, a lot of what goes on and went on with the operations and running of the anglophone intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes, (FVEY). Stephen Carew-Reid was with his father in 1975 at his father's home at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia, in 1975 when his father helped  the anglophone intelligence alliance Five Eyes, (FVEY)  have the then Prime Minister of Australia, Goth Whitlam sacked from his position as Labor Party Prime Minister of Australia for many reasons, which included that Goth Whitlam had made it clear to the CIA,  that he was going to have the CIA's influence removed from Australia and in particular take back control of the CIA Base in Pine Gap, which is used by the CIA are able to Spy on Australia and the Rest of the World....

Pine Gap is the commonly used name for a U.S. satellite surveillance base or Australian Earth station approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi) south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia which is operated by both Australia and the United States. Since 1988, it has been officially called the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap (JDFPG); previously, it was misleadingly known as Joint Defence Space Research Facility.
Partly run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the station is a key contributor to the NSA's global interception effort, which included the ECHELON program. The classified NRO name of the Pine Gap base is Australian Mission Ground Station (AMGS), while the unclassified cover term for the NSA function of the facility is RAINFALL.

The 1975 Australian constitutional crisis, also known simply as the Dismissal, has been described as the greatest political and constitutional crisis in Australian history. It culminated on 11 November 1975 with the dismissal from office of the Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), by Governor-General Sir John Kerr, who then commissioned the Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Fraser of the Liberal Party, as caretaker Prime Minister. Whitlam's Labor government had been elected in 1972 with a small majority in the House of Representatives, but with the Senate balance of power being held by the DLP who usually supported the Liberal-Country Opposition. Another election in 1974 resulted in little change. While the Whitlam Government introduced many new policies and programs, it was also rocked by scandals and political miscalculations. In October 1975, the Opposition used its control of the Senate to defer passage of appropriation bills (needed to finance government expenditure), that had been passed by the House of Representatives. The Opposition stated that they would continue their stance unless Whitlam called an election for the House of Representatives, and urged Kerr to dismiss Whitlam unless he agreed to their demand. Whitlam believed that Kerr would not dismiss him, and Kerr did nothing to disabuse Whitlam of this notion. On 11 November 1975, Whitlam intended to call a half-Senate election in an attempt to break the deadlock. When he went to seek Kerr's approval of the election, Kerr instead dismissed him as Prime Minister and shortly thereafter installed Fraser in his place. Acting quickly before all ALP parliamentarians became aware of the change of government, Fraser and his allies were able to secure passage of the appropriation bills, and Kerr dissolved Parliament for a double dissolution election. Fraser and his government were returned with a massive majority in the election held the following month. The events of the Dismissal led to only minor constitutional change. The Senate retained its power to block supply, and the Governor-General the power to dismiss government ministers. However, these powers have not since been used to force a government from office. Kerr was widely criticised by ALP supporters for his actions, resigned early as Governor-General, and lived much of his remaining life abroad.

During the crisis, Whitlam had alleged that Country Party leader Anthony had close links to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Subsequently, it was alleged that Kerr acted on behalf of the United States government in procuring Whitlam's dismissal. The most common allegation is that the CIA influenced Kerr's decision to dismiss Whitlam. In 1966 Kerr had joined the Association for Cultural Freedom, a conservative group that was later revealed to have received CIA funding. Christopher Boyce, who was convicted for spying for the Soviet Union while an employee for a CIA contractor, claimed that the CIA wanted Whitlam removed from office because he threatened to close US military bases in Australia, including Pine Gap. Boyce said that Kerr was described by the CIA as "our man Kerr". According to Jonathan Kwitnyof the Wall Street Journal, the CIA "paid for Kerr's travel, built his prestige ... Kerr continued to go to the CIA for money". In 1974, the White House sent as ambassador to Australia Marshall Green, who was known as "the coupmaster" for his central role in the 1965 coup against Indonesian President Sukarno.

The series of books known as  "The Triumph of Truth : (Who's Watching The Watchers?)"  are in the National Library of Australia in Canberra: The triumph of truth / by Stephen Carew-Reid, Bib ID 1388995, Authorm, Carew-Reid, Stephen, Edition 2nd ed. , Description Perth : The Weekend News, 1996  v. <1> : ill., ports., facsims. ; Subjects  |  Political corruption -- Western Australia.  |  Misconduct in office -- Western Australia.  |  Corporations -- Corrupt practices -- Western Australia.  |  Police corruption -- Western Australia.  |  Western Australia -- Moral conditions.  |  Australian Also Titled The Triumph of Truth : (Who's Watching The Watchers?)  and the Western Australian State Library..... 
Such D Notice/Blackout/Gagging direction also includes any detailed reporting of the murder of INL News Undercover Journalist, Thomas Graham Allwood .. because of the serious implication that MI5/MI6 were involved in arranging the murder of Thomas Graham Allwood for a number of reasons, which include the fact that Thomas Graham Allwood was a witness to a planned MI5/MI6 clandestine operation to murder Stephen Carew-Reid, the author of the series of books titled The Triumph of Truth : Who's Watching The Watchers? It is also noted that powerful Wikipedia editors in Western Australia ....  arranged to have the Wikipedia page detailing information about the series of books titled The Triumph of Truth : Who's Watching The Watchers? .... completely removed from Wikipedia ... so that the world would not consider such books really exist..... and to help stop the author and the books having any credibility ..... because the general public are brainwashed to think that unless there is a Wikipedia page on the books and the author they are not serious real and/or creditable ....the way Wikipedia is designed to be controlled in what information is written on the Wikpedia pages is through having an editorial policy that unless a person and/or subject is talked about in one or more of the well known established main stream media outlets. It is not so much that most of the facts on Wikipedia are false. It is more the fact that what is written on Wikipedia is censored  and removed if the information on Wikipedia does not suit the Ruling Elite that effectively control Wikipedia with paid editors who pretend to be unpaid editors who work full time writing and editing Wikipedia pages and in some instance are personally responsible to writing and editing thousands of Wikipedia articles ... which could not be achieved unless they were paid for their services to work full time writing and editing Wikipedia articles under an identity that the general public never know ...

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The Dark Side of Wikipedia 

August 21, 2016 — Right now, this very second, people are busily editing away on the website Wikipedia, at a rate of more than ten edits per second. There are over five million articles written in English on Wikipedia, with a thousand being added every day.
But there's a dark side to Wikipedia you probably don't know about. The promise of accurate, neutral articles and privacy for contributors is often just a mirage, according to two insiders. They say they've been left battle-scarred after troubling personal encounters with the world's most popular encyclopedia.

It's billed as "the encyclopedia anyone can edit." But for many, it's the opposite.

Greg Kohs is among the blocked. Banned, he says, for challenging Wikipedia policies.

Kohs: Just in the past four hours, 500 IP addresses and users have been blocked from editing Wikipedia.

In 2012, Kohs helped start an opposing website called, "Wikipediocracy," to expose what he calls Wikipedia's "misinformation, defamation and general nonsense."

Sharyl: So Wikipedia does censor users?

Kohs: Absolutely. In a given day, Wikipedia administrators typically are blocking about 1,000 different IP addresses.

Sharyl: 1,000 a day?

Kohs: 1,000 a day. Yes.

When Kohs ran afoul of Wikipedia, he was drawn into an unseen cyberworld. One where he says volunteer editors dole out punishment and retaliation, privacy is violated and special interests control information.

Sharyl: Most people don't know what?

Kohs: Wikipedia is often edited by people who have an agenda.

To understand how it helps to start with the Wikipedia most know and love.

Co-founded in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, Wikipedia boasts 37 million-plus articles in 291 languages.

Research experts, like Mary Frances Forcier, count on Wikipedia.

Forcier: I think it's user-friendly. I think it's easy to use. It has a very appealing visual interface, and I do think that having the sources at the bottom of the page is really important.

Wikipedia's promise to volunteer editors: anonymity and privacy. Its promise to readers: unbiased articles.

But there were conflicts in this encycutopia from the start. Co-founder Sanger quickly broke away. He later told a reporter, "People that I would say are trolls sort of took over. The inmates started running the asylum."

Kohs says Wikipedia's "inmates" include some volunteer editors with an ax to grind or serious conflicts of interest.

Kohs: Sometimes editors will have very aggressive attitudes about what they want to appear in a Wikipedia article.

Sharyl: They can stop opposing opinions?

Kohs: Exactly, exactly.

Sharyl: Even opposing facts?

Kohs: Often times, yes.

When volunteer editors disagree, and they often do, it leads to "edit wars" fought out on Wikipedia's "talk" and "discussion" pages.

Kohs: There's drama on Wikipedia just about every day. You just need to know where to go and look for it.

Edit wars fill thousands of pages deep inside Wikipedia with dialogue that ranges from civil to childish and hostile, like this argument that Kohs read us.

Kohs (reading from Wikipedia): He has violated NPA, which means no personal attacks by telling someone they are 'inferior' and to 'accept their station in life.' He wrote, 'I refuse to be blocked. I am not blocked. You can pretend that you block me all you like, but someone who is right can never be blocked. It is impossible.'

In Wikipedia's world, the ruling authorities are the hundreds of volunteer editors who've reached the most powerful editing status. They're called "administrators," known only by their pseudonyms or user names. They always win the edit wars.

Sharyl: The more edits you make, the longer you've been making them, the more power you're going to have?

Kohs: Yes.

But what happens when powerful editors improperly control content?

Kohs: You'll have different people with a particular scientific point of view and they'll edit and modify Wikipedia so that its articles kind of reflect that point of view.

Wikipedia has given names to bad behavior: malicious editing is "vandalism" and editing for personal or financial gain is paid or "covert editing." Wikipedia discourages both, but they happen all the time.

Two trusted Wikipedia officials were exposed running businesses that covertly edited Wikipedia for PR clients.

Interests for Sony, the CIA, the Vatican, Barack Obama and John McCain all reportedly have been caught secretly editing their own Wikipedia pages to their advantage.

And anonymous Wikipedia editors maintain a stranglehold on selected topics. Kohs demonstrates with the case of Morgellons. The Mayo Clinic calls it "an unexplained skin disorder characterized by sores." But the Wikipedia page dismisses Morgellons as a "delusional belief."

Kohs: So I'm just going to make a little comment here.

Let's see what happens when Kohs adds a research footnote that differs with that narrative.

Kohs: They can just go to this link and you get the abstract of the study right there.

In less than an hour, Kohs' edit disappears.

Kohs: I see that our edit to Morgellons was reverted after about 38 minutes or so.

It was reverted by an administrator who is anonymous, but for his username. If you know where to look, it's possible to see the many Wikipedia topics the same editor worked hard to control.

Kohs: It seems to me that this is someone who is either involved with the medical profession or the pharmaceutical profession. They probably have an agenda to discredit or to suppress alternative medicines, things of that nature.

One study found mistakes in nine out of ten Wikipedia medical entries.

Millions of dollars can depend on how an idea or product is portrayed within the computer pages.

That may be why Wikipedia editors reportedly linked to the pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, got caught posting negative material on competitors' pages and adding promotional material to their own.

Kohs sees himself as an equalizer. His business helps clients, including supposed victims of unfair edits, navigate Wikipedia's unbridled landscape. Wikipedia banned him for violating the policy against paid editing and when Kohs criticized the policy and continued under a borrowed account, Wikipedia editors targeted him.

They went to great lengths to track him, using inside information and computer addresses. They researched where Kohs grew up, and traced his movements all the way to Orlando, Florida, where he was making edits while on vacation.

Sharyl: Wikipedia editors that you didn't know at the time were tracking your movements, speculating that you went home for Thanksgiving?

Kohs: That's absolutely correct.

He only discovered that he was being tracked because somebody leaked internal Wikipedia discussions about him.

Kohs: And then somebody chimed in, 'looks like someone went home for Thanksgiving to visit mom and dad,' so you think you're editing with some degree of privacy, but if they want to they can really start to investigate.

Wales has publicly feuded with Kohs over the paid editing policy but declined our interview requests. Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that runs Wikipedia, and the Wikipedia editors we asked also offered no comment for this report.
Another paid editor, Mike Wood, says his confrontation with Wikipedia was life-changing. Like Kohs, Wood publicly criticized Wikipedia's policies on editing for pay, which he did while on breaks as a casino inspector, until one day when his boss called him in for a meeting.

Wood: He says, 'We received an email and a phone call from the Wikimedia Foundation, telling us that you are using our servers to edit Wikipedia.' He said, 'Wikipedia,' meaning the Wikimedia Foundation, 'put a hard block on our servers, so now no one is allowed to access Wikipedia from our job site.'
That was enough to get Wood fired.

Wood: It was a huge violation of privacy. They put so much pressure on my employer by blocking access to Wikipedia, by telling them what was going on, just the embarrassment, the potential embarrassment alone of what the Wikimedia Foundation pressured my employer with was enough for the employer to terminate me.
Despite the controversies, Wikipedia has many devoted followers.

Mary Frances Forcier is with the Loudoun County Public Library in Virginia. She says Wikipedia is a valuable research tool when used properly.
Forcier: It's accessible. It's in language everyone understands, and it does provide you the kind of source information that can lead you to scholarly works, encyclopedias, reference works and primary sources that can really help you out.
But the next time you visit the world's most popular encyclopedia, you may want to consider some advice you won't find within its pages.

Kohs: When you read Wikipedia, you have to be aware that the people who are writing it, who don't identify themselves, who don't necessarily have any credentials to be writing in the subject matter that they've chosen to write in, are very often pushing an agenda.

Wood: There is no privacy. If they want to know who you are, where you are editing from, they have that, and they can check it and they will. Do not step in front of the train, because they will run you over.

Kohs and Wood still edit Wikipedia for paid clients. And here's an inside tip: on any Wikipedia page, if you want to see what an editor has removed, you can click the tab that says, "view history" and see for yourself. Sometimes, the most interesting material is what's been deleted by those who are guarding the page. Wikimedia has said it makes an effort to prevent biased articles and, when a page is disputed, sometimes editors flag it with a warning notice.


...Pamela Anderson, a popular and well known actress  is one of Julian Assange's most determined and strong supporters who feels that there has been a misdirection of law in the way they Authorities have dealt with Julian Assange. Pamela Denise Anderson is a Canadian-American actress, model and animal rights activist. Anderson is best known for her appearances in Playboy magazine and for her work on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch and V.I.P.. The actor Pamela Anderson has said Julian Assange 'does not deserve to be in a supermax prison' after visiting the WikiLeaks founder. Assange is in Belmarsh prison in south-east London serving a 50-week sentence for breaching his bail conditions  Pamela Anderson speaks out after visiting Julian Assange in prison Please view: ... Julian Assange is in reality fighting just against the official authorities in power in the UK, USA, Australia, Sweden etc on behalf of Freedom of the Press for journalists and anyone that wants to speak out to expose and report to the public with information that exposes wrongful, immoral, unjust, and/or illegal behaviour of powerful people and organisations .... Julian Assange's real much more powerful in the shadows that have effective control of the world are those that own and control the International banking and monetary system and the major corporations ... who also effectively own and control  Five Eyes, often abbreviated as FVEY, is an anglophone intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States comprising of:

1. MI5/MI6 in the UK,

2. CIA in the USA,

3. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS),

4.  New Zealand's Intelligence Community is comprises of three core members: 

(a) the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB),

(b) the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS),  and

(c) the National Assessments Bureau (NAB) 

These three agencies are supported by intelligence units within other government agencies including the New Zealand Defence Force, the New Zealand Police, the New Zealand Customs Service, and Immigration New Zealand.

5.  The Australian government's 2008 National Security Strategy, includes six core intelligence agencies in the Australian Intelligence Community (AIC), which  comprises policy departments, and collection or assessment agencies, which play a unique all-source intelligence assessment and intergovernmental co-ordination role,  and other government agencies called:

(a) the Office of National Intelligence (ONI),

(b)  the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).

(c) Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS),

(d) Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO),

(e) Australian Signals Directorate (ASD),

(f) Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGIO).

The reality is that this anglophone intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes (FVEY) and their staff/operatives are not effectively controlled by the governments of each country they are meant to represent, and are above the law of each country they are meant to be working for ... according to research done by well respected and well known investigative journalist, and author, Annie Jacobsen, former Contributing Editor, Los Angeles Times Magazine; and author Five Eyes (FVEY) have assassination operatives operating in over 130 countries around the world see: who can murder anyone without fear of prosecution or arrest, with the orders to carry a murder not coming from the official head of any government, but from the shadowy figures in cigar smoked filled rooms who are the effective controllers and owner of this anglophone intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes (FVEY) which according to James Casbolt in his article titled .."MI-6 Are The Lords of The Global Drug Trade" who states. .....see;
"... It may be a revelation to many people that the global drug trade is controlled and run by the intelligence agencies. In this global drug trade British intelligence reigns supreme...As intelligence insiders know MI-5 and MI-6 control many of the other intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, MOSSAD etc) in a vast web of intrigue and corruption that has its global power base in the city of London, the square mile. My name is James Casbolt, and I worked for MI-6 in 'black ops' cocaine trafficking with the IRA and MOSSAD in London and Brighton between 1995 and 1999.  My father Peter Casbolt was also MI-6 and worked with the CIA and mafia in Rome, trafficking cocaine into Britain. My experience was that the distinctions of all these groups became blurred until in the end we were all one international group working together for the same goals. We were puppets who had our strings pulled by global puppet masters based in the city of London. Most levels of the intelligence agencies are not loyal to the people of the country they are based in and see themselves as 'super national'.  It had been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the CIA has been bringing in most of the drugs into America for the last fifty years (see ex LAPD officer Michael Rupert's 'From the wilderness' website for further proof).
The CIA operates under orders from British intelligence and was created by British intelligence in 1947. The CIA today is still loyal to the international bankers based in the city of London and the global elite aristocratic families like the Rothschild's and the Windsor's.....  since it was first started, MI-6 has always brought drugs into Britain. They do not bring 'some' of the drugs into Britain but I would estimate MI-6 bring in around ninety percent of the drugs in....   They do this by pulling the strings of many organized crime and terrorist groups and these groups like the IRA are full of MI-6 agents.
MI-6 bring in heroin from the middle east, cocaine from south America and cannabis from morocco as well as other places. British intelligence also designed and created the drug LSD in the 1950's through places like the Tavistock Institute in London. By the 1960's MI-5, MI-6 and the CIA were using LSD as a weapon against the angry protestors of the sixties and turned them into 'flower children' who were too tripped out to organize a revolution....Mafia crime boss John Gotti exposed the situation when asked in court if he was involved in drug trafficking.
He replied "No we can't compete with the government".
"...I believe this was only a half truth because the mafia and the CIA are the same group at the upper levels. In Britain, the MI-6 drug money is laundered through the Bank of England, Barclays Bank and other household name companies. The drug money is passed from account to account until its origins are lost in a huge web of transactions. .......
The drug money comes out 'cleaner' but not totally clean. Diamonds are then bought with this money from the corrupt diamond business families like the Oppenheimers. ....These diamonds are then sold and the drug money is clean. MI-6 and the CIA are also responsible for the crack cocaine epidemic in Britain and America. In 1978, MI-6 and the CIA were in south America researching the effects of the natives smoking 'basuco' cocaine paste. This has the same effect as crack cocaine. They saw that the strength and addiction potential was far greater than ordinary cocaine and created crack cocaine from the basuco formula.
MI-6 and the CIA then flooded Britain and America with crack. ...... .

Two years later, in 1980, Britain and America were starting to see the first signs of the crack cocaine epidemic on the streets. On august 23, 1987, in a rural community south of Little Rock in America, two teenage boys named Kevin Ives and Don Henry were murdered and dismembered after witnessing a CIA cocaine drop that was part of a CIA drug trafficking operation based at a small airport in Mena, Arkansas. .....  Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas at the time. Bill Clinton was involved with the CIA at this time and $100 million worth of cocaine was coming through the Mena, Arkansas airport each month. ...... For proof see the books 'Compromise' and 'Dope Inc'.......................................
On my father's international MI-6 drug runs, whatever fell off the back of the lorry so to speak he would keep and we would sell it in Britain. As long as my father was meeting the speedboats from Morocco in the Costa del Sol and then moving the lorry loads of cannabis through their MI-6, IRA lorry business into Britain every month, British intelligence were happy.
As long as my father was moving shipments of cocaine out of Rome every month, MI5 and MI6 were happy. If my father kept a bit to sell himself no one cared because there was enough drugs and money to go round in this £500 billion a year global drugs trade. The ones who were really paying were the people addicted. Who were paying with suffering.
But karma always catches up and both myself and my father became addicted to heroin in later years and my father died addicted, and poor in prison under very strange circumstances. Today, I am clean and drug-free and wish to help stop the untold suffering this global drugs trade causes.
The intelligence agencies have always used addictive drugs as a weapon against the masses to bring in their long term plan for a one world government, a one world police force designed to be NATO and a micro chipped population known as the New World Order. As the population is in a drug or alcohol-induced trance watching 'Coronation Street', the new world order is being crept in behind them.
To properly expose this global intelligence run drugs trade we need to expose the key players in this area:
Tibor Rosenbaum, a MOSSAD agent and head of the Geneva based Banque du Credit international. This bank was the forerunner to the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce international (BCCI) which is a major intelligence drug money laundering bank. 'Life' magazine exposed Rosenbaum's bank as a money launderer for the Meyer Lanksky American organized crime family and Tibor Rosenbaum funded and supported 'Permindex' the MI6 assassination unit which was at the heart of the John F. Kennedy assassination.
Robert Vesco, sponsored by the Swiss branch of the Rothchilds and part of the American connection to the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia. ......................
 Sir Francis de Guingand, former head of British intelligence, now living in south Africa (and every head of MI5 and MI6 has been involved in the drug world before and after him). ......
Henry Keswick, chairman of Jardine Matheson which is one of the biggest drug trafficking operations in the world. His brother John Keswick is chairman of the bank of England. ..... 
Sir Martin Wakefield Jacomb, Bank of England director from 1987 to 1995, Barclays Bank Deputy Chairman in 1985, Telegraph newspapers director in 1986 (This is the reason why this can of worms doesn't get out in the mainstream media. The people who are perpetrating these crimes control most of the mainstream media. In America former director of the CIA William Casey was, before his death in 1987, head of the council of the media network ABC. Many insiders refer to ABC as 'The CIA network.)
George Bush, Snr, former President and former head of the CIA and America's leading drug baron who has fronted more wars on drugs than any other president. Which in reality is just a method to eliminate competition. A whole book could be written on George Bush's involvement in the global drug trade but it is well-covered in the book 'Dark Alliance' by investigative journalist Gary Webb.
Gary Webb was found dead with two gunshot wounds to the back of his head with a revolver. The case was declared a 'suicide'. You figure that out. Gary Webb as well as myself and other investigators, found that much of this 'black ops' drug money is being used to fund projects classified above top secret. ..... 
These projects include the building and maintaining of deep level underground bases in,
Dulce in New exico, Pine Gap in Australia, Snowy mountains in Australia, The Nyala range in Africa, west of Kindu in Africa, next to the Libyan border in Egypt, Mount Blanc in Switzerland, Narvik in Scandinavia, Gottland island in Sweden, ...and many other places around the world (more about these underground bases in my next issue).
The information on this global drugs trade run by the intelligence agencies desperately needs to get out on a large scale.
Any information, comments or feedback to help me with my work would be greatly welcomed...."

Media freedom is almost over. Only one thing can save Julian Assange from dying in prison.
James Wright    22nd June 2019 Media freedom is on its last legs ..

Media freedom is on its last legs. Julian Assange now faces an extradition hearing that beginson 25 February 2020 in the magistrates’ court. That’s under chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot, who has previously thrown Assange and the United Nations’ version of events out the window. ...Please read full story below

CIA/MI6 Poisoned Skripal Says Former Intel Officer
Let's run through all the realistic scenarios - A Fort Russ News Exclusive
By Joaquin Flores Last Mar 14, 2018

Op-ed by Ronald Thomas West – A former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, West is a retired investigator and longtime international fugitive due to his anti-corruption work crossing Condoleeza Rice. He writes out of hope on Sundays and spite on Mondays.

In the western media scrum’s push to war with Russia, if the British can identify & specify the precise molecular composition of the supposed ‘Soviet era’ nerve agent they now claim had been employed to poison Skripal, they should as well be able to precisely replicate the same poison with all of the implications that might point to. Three suspects should be looked at with no particular order of preference:

1) MI6
2) CIA
3) Ukraine’s foreign security service
4) Any combination of the preceding

It simply makes no sense for Russia to have poisoned Skripal, Putin wouldn’t want the attending public relations making him out to be the godfather of all primal evil and Russia has not been keen on amping up tensions with the liberal democracies (unlike certain NATO aligned personalities.)
When circumstance finally requires sorting fact from fiction, it’ll likely come down to the Steele dossier being invented and fed to Christopher Steele by MI6, the CIA or, least likely, by Russian intelligence. The entire dossier content being essentially bullshit, effectively has castrated Steele as a reputable spook in the world of espionage and makes MI6 look dumber than a box of rocks. Steele’s firm Orbis is finished.

Boiled down, what the Telegraph claims, based on its ‘spook’ and other sources, is poisoned spy Sergei Skripal was Christopher Steele’s dossier source. Supposedly Skripal was meeting regularly with Russian intelligence at Russia’s embassy in London, presumably coming away with material damaging to Trump. The Telegraph reporting gives 100% credence to the dossier every intelligence figure that is not lobotomized understands is almost certainly altogether bogus.
According to the Telegraph, Skripal’s betrayal made the Russians so mad they assigned a hit squad to follow Skripal’s daughter to England and take them out to ‘send a message.’

Now, let’s repackage this patent nonsense in a wrapping of common sense.

Scenario One
Supposedly Russian intelligence in London is letting its people meet and discuss current events in ‘tradecraft’ terms with a former double agent in Russian intelligence, a man recently employed by MI6, who previously, prior to a spy swap, was in prison in Russia for giving up Russian spies to MI6. If, by some incredible stretch of the imagination this scenario were to be true, only a lobotomized British spy could believe anything that had been reported back.
Consider [then] President Medvedev had pardoned Skripal at the time of the spy swap, presumably Skripal still has fully valid Russian citizenship. If he were indeed visiting the Russian embassy, it could be for any number of routine consular affairs, for instance keeping his passport current or dealing with bureaucratic procedures when applying for his retirement pension.
Possibly MI5/MI6 suspected Skripal was ‘redeeming’ himself with the Russians under pretense of using consular services; reporting back to the Russian side on his recent MI6 employment, as Skripal had expressed remorse at his trial in Russia and had cooperated with investigators, subsequently receiving a reduced sentence. If Skripal had been making routine visits to the Russian embassy, that couldn’t have pleased the British side.

Motive to assassinate Skripal assigned to British MI6.

Scenario Two
The Telegraph believes Vladimir Putin would actually opt for his world-wide reputation to be one of murderous slime. That’s basically the argument MI5/MI6 has made on behalf of their intelligence contacts proposing to media a Russian hit squad committed the poisoning to ‘send a message.’ A lobotomized British spy would suggest it, a lobotomized Telegraph editorial staff could pass it off as fact, and a lobotomized British public could believe it. It is this last part that is closest to fact, on account of the British public, and the western democracies’ public generally, who are so pervasively lied to by media, they might as well be lobotomized
Probably what actually had happened is, the Steele dossier was never supposed to be an issue at this point. The original intent had been that the ‘Steele dossier’ should have derailed Trump’s election, and we wouldn’t have a sitting President of the United States complicating the sh*t out of the fact the ‘dossier’ cannot be conveniently disposed of and buried in the past. Here’s the proposed conversation:
John Brennan: Alex, I have some ‘laundry’ concerning a certain pretender to the American throne, so to speak, and it’s origin is too close to home. I need an offshore laundromat that likes dollars laundered to pounds laundered to rubles.
Alex Younger: I have your man, none too bright, and enough distance on this end, out of our employ for 20 years. Formerly a Russia assignment. Put your people on developing a conduit to feed him, and of course, I can’t know about any of it.

But then, Trump beat all odds (and the popular vote with a constitutional loophole) to become president and the stinking dossier cannot be done away with. The next conversation went something like this:

Alex: John, your end dropped the ball. We need this mess cleaned up and quick.

John: Alex, we’ll do what we can but I’m a lame duck. Here’s Mike Pompeo’s number, he’s as mean as they come… it’ll get taken care of.
Subsequently, the lobotomized intelligence agencies have to bet on a lobotomized western media’s subservience to a point of the lobotomized British public, and the western democracies lobotomized public at large, is dumb enough to believe ‘the Russians did it to send a message’ because Putin could care less about public relations and desires to be known as the sire of Satan himself.

Desperate information warfare motive to assassinate Skripal assigned to combined CIA/British MI6.

Scenario Three

In this least likely ‘everyone on the liberal democracies’ intelligence agencies side is truly lobotomized’ scenario, known double agent Skripal, via Steele, was actually a conduit for Russian intelligence feeding false allegations to American intelligence concerning Trump. Lurid allegations that could never be proved are fed to Steele, Steele (and by default, the Americans) ran with this unvetted material from a severely dubious source creating a massive credibility problem were the dossier ever actually investigated.
The result is British and American intelligence looking worse than the dumbest cartoon spooks, ever. Sadly, given the contemporary standard of British & American leadership at the intelligence agency level, however unlikely, this is actually possible.

Revenge/silenced witness motive poisoning of Skripal assigned to the British and Americans.

Wild Card Scenario

Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service, MOSSAD, many nations secret services with an axe to grind for Russia, which could include NATO’s three Chihuahuas (Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia), Poland is run by Russophobes, other maverick NATO players, et cetera ad nausea.
With the exception of Ukraine, whose leaders are of a much higher mental instability (on par with Anglo-Saxons) than your run of the mill European ‘liberal democracy’ cowardly and criminal leaders, Ukraine having shot down MH 17 with a combat jet, the very idea of Putin discovering a 3rd party false flag pointing to them probably would see their balls retract to a pre-puberty state. Excepting Ukraine plausibly Soviet era nerve agent stocks, 3rd party false flag ruled out (with MOSSAD disqualified because they actually work to hold Bibi back from making existential threatening mistakes, the aggressively corrupt Bibi who sometimes may be MOSSAD’s puppet but is never MOSSAD’s master.)

Let’s break this down
What that persona of aggression named Theresa May should look at, instead of running her mouth based on what the likes of Alex Younger may be informing her, is this circumstance is too complicated-compromised from day one to go with your top professional liar.
What Alex Younger should be doing is, calling Gerhard Schindler and asking how it is he’d avoided public disclosure and jail when he’d been forced out as head of Germany’s BND almost certainly because of lying to the German Federal Parliament, on account of this informant (yours truly) had provided that very parliament convincing evidence of Schindler’s perfidy; when Schindler knowingly lied to parliament about who used chemical weapons in Syria.

Recipe for Spook Soup
“Professional standards require intelligence professionals to lie, hide information, or use covert tactics to protect their “cover,” access, sources, and responsibilities. The Central Intelligence Agency expects, teaches, encourages, and controls these tactics so that the lies are consistent and supported (“backstopped”). The CIA expects intelligence officers to teach others to lie, deceive, steal, launder money, and perform a variety of other activities that would certainly be illegal if practiced in the United States. They call these tactics “tradecraft,” and intelligence officers practice them in all the world’s intelligence services” -Hulnick & Mattausch, “Ethics and Morality in U.S. Secret Intelligence”

“a variety of other activities” & “certainly be illegal if practiced in the United States” should have been a bit wider net cast, to ‘certainly be illegal if practiced anywhere.’ Particularly when including attempted murders and murders. And that’s what you’ll oftentimes get in the world of spooks. Except when it comes to HUMINT (human intelligence or actual spies) the Russians are not so nearly dumb enough to ‘send a message’ incriminating themselves with a sloppy nerve agent poisoning. Only a desperate western or rogue Ukrainian intelligence agency would do that.
Desperate, you say? Well, yes. The entire ‘the Russians did it’ western intelligence caper is falling apart, from the Democratic National Committee ‘hack‘ to the Steele dossier consisting of little more than naturally produced human methane almost certainly originating in either Langley or Vauxhall. The more ‘Never Trump’ intelligence agencies’ lies fall apart, the more desperate the acts to attempt backstopping lies that can’t be backstopped. Even as they’re losing, their criminal business model demands they cannot lose. It’s an accelerating-losing psychological feedback loop at this point. Each subsequent act to shield the criminality lessens possibilities for their web of lies holding up.
The real question here is, when will any ‘allies’ toss the Ango-Saxons on either side of the pond in favor of rationality? Can they imagine life without NATO aggression? In a geopolitical rearrangement realistically engaging-cooperating with Russia? Or are they all lobotomized?

Note on the preceding: I hate to give up hope my countrymen will find a means to clean up the anti-constitutional order unleashed by the National Security Act of 1947, creating a CIA these days fused at many levels with the Pentagon, enabling absolute idiots at the intelligence agencies and warmongers at the White House running the affairs of my country like a deep state Monopoly board game with nukes. Nothing would get common Americans attention like some longstanding European allies finally saying ‘this is a reach too far’ and putting up some real resistance to the utter criminality overtaken leadership of my nation. Courageous statesmanship is what’s needed.

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"Secret Base" locations revealed – and  D  Notices
"Secret Base" locations revealed – Part 1 of 5

Thank you for visiting Part 1 of Once you've finished browsing this first part, all you need to do is click on buttons at the bottom of this page to move on to the other parts. Please note that this website requires a modern JavaScript enabled browser in order to work properly.

What makes a "Secret Base" secret? By "base", I mean those British Government installations or military sites you've seen surrounded by razor wire fences and guarded by Ministry of Defence (MoD) police. How on earth can these sites be secret? The UK Government hasn't (yet) developed stealth technology in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. So they can't very well make, say, Faslane nuclear submarine base (pictured below) suddenly disappear as you come around the corner.
Having said that, in October 2007, the Sun newspaper revealed in an exclusive story that boffins at the Government's research wing QinetiQ had got together with Professor John Pendry's theoretical physics team at Imperial College, London to develop Harry Potter style "invisibility cloaks" for military equipment such as tanks.

As revealed back in May 2006, in scientific journals New Scientist and Physics World, the technology involves the development of special composite "metamaterials". They have very unusual refractive properties that alter the propagation of light beams. It is thought that the latest top secret research is being carried out on behalf of the MoD at QinetiQ's Nanomaterials Division at Farnborough, Hampshire.
No, it's actually much simpler than all that. A Government laboratory or military base can be made to "disappear" by just deleting it from Ordnance Survey (OS) maps. But how? Well, you need to appreciate that OS is essentially a Government agency within the MoD. Just look-up the derivation of the word "ordnance" and all will become clear. It means "military equipment, artillery and provisions".
Apart from straightforward deletion, another classic sign of "tampering" to look for on OS maps is the use of the rather uninformative labels "Works" or "Depot". This is sometimes an indication that a site has important Government and/or military activities. But why? Throughout the 1960s, Sir Martin Furnival-Jones, Director General of MI5 (the Security Service) during the Cold War, insisted that all sensitive sites be labelled on maps in this way, so their true strategic role would be concealed from potential enemy agents.

All inclusions on OS maps were once vetted by the UK Government's D-Notice Committee.

You may have heard of this before. When the Government wanted to "gag" newspaper editors to stop them revealing embarrassing details about MoD-related stories, it was called "slapping a D-Notice" on them. Any locations on the "Sensitive Sites Register" were mysteriously removed from public maps by men in cigar smoke filled rooms in Whitehall and just ended up appearing as farmers' fields.

Sometimes misleading labels on Ordnance Survey maps are good old fashioned foul-ups. Like the map of Stockport Grammar School in my home town. It was corrected in 2018.

Ordnance Survey's map makers up to their old tricks? The grammar school in my home town of Stockport, Cheshire got an unwelcome makeover, but this time it was nothing to do with MI5. It was eventually corrected in 2018.

In February 2004, the Secretary of the D-Notice Committee, Rear Admiral Nick Wilkinson, contacted me to assure me that things have changed for the better and that the system has been overhauled in recent years. With the introduction of Internet-based mapping and aerial photography data, he insisted that the Committee is now an independent and purely advisory body. It was to be known as the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC) and the D-Notices more correctly referred to as Defence Advisory (DA-Notices), as described in Nick Wilkinson's history book Secrecy and the Media published in 2009. It was renamed again in 2015, to the Defence and Security Media Advisory (DSMA) Committee, with the DA Notices renamed accordingly DSMA

  Robert Scheer Huffington Post 

    Robert Scheer

Robert Scheer has built a reputation for strong social and political writing over his 30 years as a journalist.
Robert Scheer has built a reputation for strong social and political writing over his 30 years as a journalist. His columns appear in newspapers across the country, and his in-depth interviews have made headlines. He conducted the famous Playboy magazine interview in which Jimmy Carter confessed to the lust in his heart and he went on to do many interviews for the Los Angeles Times with Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and many other prominent political and cultural figures. Between 1964 and 1969 he was Vietnam correspondent, managing editor and editor in chief of Ramparts magazine. From 1976 to 1993 he served as a national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, writing on diverse topics such as the Soviet Union, arms control, national politics and the military. In 1993 he launched a nationally syndicated column based at the Los Angeles Times, where he was named a contributing editor. That column ran weekly for the next 12 years and is now based at Scheer can be heard on his new podcast “Scheer Intelligence” and the radio program "Left, Right and Center" on KCRW, the National Public Radio affiliate in Santa Monica, Calif. He is currently a clinical professor of communication at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Scheer has written ten books, including "Thinking Tuna Fish, Talking Death: Essays on the Pornography of Power"; "With Enough Shovels: Reagan, Bush and Nuclear War"; "America After Nixon: The Age of Multinationals"; "The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us about Iraq" (with Christopher Scheer and Lakshmi Chaudhry); "Playing President: My Close Encounters with Nixon, Carter, Bush I and Clinton--and How They Did Not Prepare Me for George W. Bush"; "The Pornography of Power: How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11 and Weakened America"; "The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street"; "How the United States Got Involved in Vietnam"; and "Cuba: An American Tragedy". Scheer's latest book is "They Know Everything About You: How Data Collecting Corporations and Snooping Government Agencies are Destroying Democracy" (Nation Books, February 2015). Scheer was raised in the Bronx, where he attended public schools and graduated from City College of New York. He was Maxwell Fellow at Syracuse University and a fellow at the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of California at Berkeley, where he did graduate work in economics. Scheer is a contributing editor for The Nation as well as a Nation Fellow. He has also been a Poynter Fellow at Yale and was fellow in Stanford's arms control and disarmament program.  

While Visiting Japan Don’t Forget To Look Right When Crossing The Street
If you come from a country where they drive on the left side of the road, then you’re already used to this! For those who are used to seeing cars on the right-hand side, beware of oncoming traffic!
Be wary that traffic is coming from the right-hand side of the street and that you’re going to want to look both ways multiple times before crossing. The good news is that there is a way to avoid getting hit by a stray car or bicyclist! Follow the locals and use all of the main crosswalks whenever you need to get to the other side of the road.


​“Seek each other out. Realize that your engagement is the transformation of the world. You are grasping toward a new reality. There is a voice of oneness that wants to be heard in the land. A deep yearning in the heart has been pressing harder and harder to burst free.”– from Inside the Intelligence >>> "... Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world    ..........

. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has ..." ... Mararet Mead 

Representative Pramila Jayapal of Washington, center, is the lead sponsor of Medicare for all legislation in the House

.Credit...T.J. Kirkpatrick for The New York Times

Welcome to Truthful News Media Encourage Open Debate unbiased news sources  takes great pleasure in bringing to public spotlight important information, facts and opinions that would be of benefit to people on planet earth to know about and openly discuss that other non independent and controlled mainstream media outlets and websites will not provide to the world. We understand that everyone has an independent expression of who they are and what is important to them. Our goal is to give an international public forum for the unique personality of every individual who feel the need to have their important information, facts and opinions publicly exposed to the world.

" ....We must save and help Julian Assange from being murdered by corrupt UK and USA Government and the this anglophone intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes (FVEY) which according to according to research done by well respected and well known investigative journalist, and author, Annie Jacobsen, former Contributing Editor, Los Angeles Times Magazine; and author Five Eyes (FVEY) have assassination operatives operating in over 130 countries around the world see: who can murder anyone without fear of prosecution or arrest, with the orders to carry a murder not coming from the official head of any government, but from the shadowy figures in cigar smoked filled rooms who are the effective controllers and owners of this anglophone intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes (FVEY)......" 

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., criticized Ms. Warren during last month’s debate.Credit...Tamir Kalifa for The New York Times

  • Taking Chances2:24
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Midterm Madness | Wikipedia Exposed: Scott Glosserman on his Provocative Documentary

IndieWire Oct 21, 2010 

​IndieWire | The Voice of Creative Independence
IndieWire is an online publication covering film, TV, and digital news, reviews, and interviews for passionate fans and industry insiders.

Midterm Madness | Wikipedia Exposed: Scott Glosserman on his Provocative Documentary

 Scott Glosserman and Nic Hill’s documentary “Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia” delves into the truths and lies behind the web’s worldwide encyclopedia. The film is streaming on SnagFilms as part of their Midterm Madness series, that showcases fifteen issue orientated documentaries. Co-director Glosserman chatted with indieWIRE about the genesis of his film, and what he hopes to achieve by tackling such provocative subject matter.
[Editor’s Note: SnagFilms is the parent company of indieWIRE.]

Although Wikipedia is the 8th most popular website on the Internet today, and is already the 3rd most widely read ‘publication’ in human history, attracting 100 million unique visitors a month, this great social and academic experiment of our age is riddled with vandalism and challenged by skeptics, posing compelling questions about whether Wikipedia’s model can truly achieve its goal.

The film intersperses founder Jimmy Wales’ unusual rise to Internet super-stardom among the global implications of Wikipedia. Are entries factually accurate? Biased? Accountable? Does ‘Jimbo’ Wales posses the wisdom to ensure that Wikipedians aggregate knowledge correctly? [Synopsis courtesy of SnagFillms]
Co-director Scott Glosserman on why he landed into documentary filmmaking, and how his latest project came about…
As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a desire to know at least a little bit about as much as I could. Filmmaking — acting, writing, directing — seemed to me to be an avenue to pursue knowledge about specific things for brief intervals. If an actor, for instance, is cast as a champion golfer, the actor is motivated to at least develop a cursorial understanding about golf in order to both empathize with the golfer, but also to ape the technical ability of the golfer.

To that end, documentaries (versus narrative features) allow me to delve much deeper into a specific subject and to, hopefully, gain a qualified understanding of it. Documentaries are dissertations for filmmakers. The most effective ones should conclude something that is original and should reflect a mastery over the subject. I enjoy those challenges.

I was introduced to the original producer, Michael Gibson, who had already conceived of this documentary and had already sent his director, Nic Hill, around the world on his credit card, following Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, and exploring the global Wikipedia community. Michael and Nic were in need of technical, creative and financial help and I was thrilled that the opportunity to partner with them fell into my lap. My company took over the project, I came on as producer and co-director, and we spent another three years putting it together. The scope of the project expanded dramatically.

Glosserman on his approach at tackling Wikipedia, and the biggest challenge he faced in bringing his documentary to the screen…

My approach started with a dinner table conversation. It didn’t take too long to put together a fundamental list of questions about Wikipedia that just about any curious layperson would ask, assuming that person understood Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. That was the extent of what I knew at the time.

It occurred to me, though, that if just about everyone online is going to Wikipedia for the truth, then the most basic question was the most important of all, and it was the seed from where everything else should grow: How does Wikipedia get at the truth?

Editing became a laborious task of free association. Vignettes would naturally appear — objectivity versus fairness, wisdom of the crowds, lying by omission, truth as an evolving result of the zeitgeist of the day — these vignettes were ever-so-slowly strung into a coherently evolving “conversation” about Wikipedia, balancing the pros and cons of the implications of you and I canonizing the sum of human knowledge for our peers.

New questions and subjects would inevitably rise — a perceived marginalization of experts in our society, for instance. So, we’d find (ironically) experts who could opine about that. In this case, Susan Jacoby, who had recently written “The Age of American Unreason,” was perfect. We tried to get people offering compelling arguments for either side of any particular topic because our intention was to be objective and to let the viewer make up his or her own mind about the merits or consequences of Wikipedia.

The biggest challenges of doing a project the way we did this one is that the script is written in the editing room. And, an open-ended freely associative editorial exploration takes a long time. The money and the time I had budgeted for editing was embarrassingly and naively insufficient.

Glosserman on what audiences will take away from his film, and on his inspirations as filmmaker…

Wikipedia is ubiquitous and, most likely, everyone in the audience will have used Wikipedia as a reference. I think they will be fascinated by what they discover in this film, regarding the endeavors to, and the complexities of delivering all of that information to them. To truly stop and think about just the sociology experiment that is Wikipedia, to me is mind-blowing.
It was incredibly difficult and, at times, incredibly disconcerting to us to be editing our documentary, knowing that we were not making a modern feature narrative doc with a three-act structure and a climax at the end, like a crosswords tournament, a spelling bee, or a student lottery. Identifying more traditional documentaries that are feature length and that are less character-driven and more information/subject-driven, that have actually performed well, wasn’t an easy task. We know because we wanted editor with that kind of experience to help!
However, “What the Bleep Do We Know” proved to us that ours could possibly work. We were sure this documentary had wrestled with some of the same narrative challenges. Their solution was to shoot a dramatic through line. “Dirt!” and “Flow” (who’s editor, Madeleine Gavin, came on board with us) were also inspirational.

And on future projects…
As far as documentaries go, I’m interested in exploring the decline of the U.S. News Media — yes, this one will be a bit more subjective — in a project tentatively titled, “Pundit.” And, I am also delving into what I view as the essential rock n’ roll rhythm, the “Bo Diddley Beat.” I’d like to trace the history and the impact of this integral tempo. Two more dissertations. Don’t expect them anytime soon…
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A recent round of recent Facebook ads from the Warren campaign featured 12 bullet points of her agenda as president. It did not include Medicare for all.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange hit with 17 new criminal charges by US
 Ben Riley-Smith, us editor 23 MAY 2019 

Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, was hit with 17 new criminal charges by the US Justice Department on Thursday over his role in obtaining and releasing classified information in 2010. 
Assange was accused of “aiding, abetting, and causing” Chelsea Manning, then an intelligence analyst in the US Army, to access and leak secret documents belonging to the US government. 

The 47-year-old Australian was also accused of endangering the lives of US sources in Iran, China, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan by not redacting names when publishing the documents. 
The alleged violations of the Espionage Act will trigger a battle over press freedom, given Assange argues he is a journalist and acted no differently from other reporters. US officials dispute that defence.
The case could end up with the courts determining whether Assange is protected by the US Constitution’s First Amendment, which enshrines freedom of the press. 

The charges also escalate an extradition battle playing out in Britain, with both America and Sweden attempting to have Assange sent to their respective countries first to face prosecution. He is wanted by Swedish prosecutors because of sexual assault claims. 

Wikileaks said Home Secretary Sajid Javid was under "enormous pressure to protect the rights of the free press in the UK and elsewhere".

In a statement after the latest charges, WikiLeaks said: "The final decision on Assange's extraditions rests with the UK Home Secretary, who is now under enormous pressure to protect the rights of the free press in the UK an elsewhere.

"Press rights advocates have unanimously argued that Assange's prosecution under the (US) Espionage Act is compatible with basic democratic principles. This is the gravest attack on press freedom of the century."

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, labelled the new charges facing Assange as "the evil of lawlessness in its purest form".

He added: "With the indictment, the 'leader of the free world' dismisses the First Amendment - hailed as a model of press freedom around the world - and launches a blatant extraterritorial assault outside its border, attacking basic principles of democracy in Europe and the rest of the world."

Justice Department officials sought to make clear that they believed Assange's actions weren't those of a journalist, though they declined to discuss the policy discussions that led to the indictment.

"Julian Assange is no journalist," said Assistant Attorney General John Demers, the Justice Department's top national security official. "No responsible actor - journalist or otherwise - would purposely publish the names of individuals he or she knew to be confidential human sources in war zones, exposing them to the gravest of dangers."

Assange is currently serving a 50-week sentence in British prison for skipping bail. He had been seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London from 2012 but was released earlier this year. 

The new charges go well beyond the single count of computer hacking which the US announced in April. He now faces a total of 18 counts, most carrying a 10-year maximum jail term. 

They relate to Assange’s role in what US officials called “one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States”, which took place in 2009 and 2010. 

Manning, who had become disillusioned with the US government's role in foreign wars, proceeded to leak a string of documents – many given “secret” classification - to Assange, which were then published on Wikileaks. 

They included around 90,000 Afghanistan war-related significant activity reports, 400,000 Iraq war-related significant activities reports, 800 Guantanamo Bay detainee assessment briefs and 250,000 US State Department cables. 

US officials allege that Assange played an active role in getting the documents by encouraging Manning to look for more information, discussing ways she could avoid detection and working out how to pass on what she found.

Assange is accused of putting human sources helping America in “grave and imminent risk of serious physical harm and/or arbitrary detention” by refusing to redact names contained in the documents. 

US officials said local Afghans and Iraqis, journalists, religious leaders, human rights advocates, and political dissidents from repressive regime were all among those put at risk. People in Iran, China, Syria named in the leaked State Department cables were also said to have been endangered.  

To underscore the point, the indictment revealed that when US forces stormed Osama bin Laden’s hideout they found the jihadist had once directed another member of al-Qaeda to grab US defence department documents that had been released on Wikileaks. 

They included around 90,000 Afghanistan war-related significant activity reports, 400,000 Iraq war-related significant activities reports, 800 Guantanamo Bay detainee assessment briefs and 250,000 US State Department cables. 

US officials allege that Assange played an active role in getting the documents by encouraging Manning to look for more information, discussing ways she could avoid detection and working out how to pass on what she found.

Assange is accused of putting human sources helping America in “grave and imminent risk of serious physical harm and/or arbitrary detention” by refusing to redact names contained in the documents. 

US officials said local Afghans and Iraqis, journalists, religious leaders, human rights advocates, and political dissidents from repressive regime were all among those put at risk. People in Iran, China, Syria named in the leaked State Department cables were also said to have been endangered.  

To underscore the point, the indictment revealed that when US forces stormed Osama bin Laden’s hideout they found the jihadist had once directed another member of al-Qaeda to grab US defence department documents that had been released on Wikileaks. 
Central to the legal battle to come will be whether Assange can convince the courts that he was acting like any other journalist by releasing information which the US government did not want in the public domain. 
Jennifer Robinson, a lawyer for Assange, told The Telegraph that the new indictment charges her client with "encouraging sources to provide him truthful information and for publishing that information". 
She said: "These unprecedented charges demonstrate the gravity of the threat the criminal prosecution of Julian Assange poses to all journalists in their endeavor to inform the public about actions that have been taken by the US government."

Julian Assange | Timeline
April 2010

WikiLeaks publishes a classified U.S. military video in which their firing from a helicopter – on what they say are armed fighters – kills 18 people, including two journalists.

In July, a further 75,000 classified documents are posted by the site, detailing Afghan civilian casualties that had previously not been disclosed, the pursuit of Osama bin Laden, and more.

The next month, Julian Assange faces arrest in London concerning allegations of rape and molestation while visiting Sweden; in December, he is granted conditional bail thanks to his supporters raising £240,000 on his behalf.

March 2012
After months of court battles, the Supreme Court upholds its decision to extradite Assange to Sweden.

June 2012
Assange visits the Ecuadorean embassy in London and requests asylum, which is granted two months later. Scotland Yard issues a warrant over his breached bail.

May 2017
Sweden’s director of public prosecutions drops the investigation into Assange, but he chooses to remain in the embassy.

December 2017
The US quietly makes a request for the provisional arrest of Assange to British police, with accusations of conspiring to disclose classified documents, a move he has long seen coming. He is granted Ecuadorean citizenship.

April 2019
The embassy loses patience and invites Scotland Yard to arrest Assange after his asylum is formally terminated. He is later arrested on behalf of US authorities.

May 2019
Assange is  jailed for 50 weeks over his nearly seven-year stay in the Ecuadorian embassy which defied his bail conditions and cost the taxpayer £16m. The WikiLeaks founder was handed close to the maximum sentence for skipping bail in 2012, when an extradition to Sweden to face sexual assault allegations loomed.

Weeks later, he is hit with 17 new criminal charges by the US Justice Department over his role in obtaining and releasing classified information in 2010. The alleged violations of the Espionage Act will trigger a battle over press freedom, given Assange argues he is a journalist and acted no differently from other reporters. US officials dispute that defence.

​​​​​​Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others dine with the President

Stuart Miles | 18 February 2018

​One of these is the most powerful man on Earth, and the other is Obama

The above photo shows Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg the founder of FaceBook,

sitting either side of Barrack Obama. Also at the table were Cisco's CEO, John Chambers, Kleiner Perkins partner, John Doerr, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, Yahoo CEO, Carol Bartz, and Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo. Interestingly, Microsoft seemed to have been shunned as neither CEO Steve Ballmer or founder Bill Gates were present. However, it was Zuckerberg and Jobs that got the best seats in the house, sitting both right and left of the President respectively.
​Just because you’re on medical leave doesn’t mean you can’t have dinner with the President of the United States.
That’s exactly what Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has been doing this week, after Barack Obama invited a number of tech head honchos to dinner at the White House - presumably to talk about Android vs Apple, Facebook vs Google, or what TV to buy. 
On the guest list were Google Chairman Eric Schimdt (no doubt getting over his jetlag from Mobile World Congress), Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who looked a little starstruck for parts of the evening, and Larry Ellison, the head of Oracle.

Also at the table were Cisco's CEO, John Chambers, Kleiner Perkins partner, John Doerr, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, Yahoo CEO, Carol Bartz, and Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo. 

Interestingly, Microsoft seemed to have been shunned as neither CEO Steve Ballmer or founder Bill Gates were present.
However, it was Zuckerberg and Jobs that got the best seats in the house, sitting both right and left of the President respectively.

Unfortunately, we can only see the back of Steve Jobs’ 

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada
TEDx Talks
21.9M subscribers
In this eye-opening talk, veteran investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson shows how astroturf, or fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages. Sharyl Attkisson is an investigative journalist based in Washington D.C. She is currently writing a book entitled Stonewalled (Harper Collins), which addresses the unseen influences of corporations and special interests on the information and images the public receives every day in the news and elsewhere. For twenty years (through March 2014), Attkisson was a correspondent for CBS News. In 2013, she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for her reporting on “The Business of Congress,” which included an undercover investigation into fundraising by Republican freshmen. She also received Emmy nominations in 2013 for Benghazi: Dying for Security and Green Energy Going Red. Additionally, Attkisson received a 2013 Daytime Emmy Award as part of the CBS Sunday Morning team’s entry for Outstanding Morning Program for her report: “Washington Lobbying: K-Street Behind Closed Doors.” In September 2012, Attkisson also received an Emmy for Oustanding Investigative Journalism for the “Gunwalker: Fast and Furious” story. She received the RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting for the same story. Attkisson received an Investigative Emmy Award in 2009 for her exclusive investigations into TARP and the bank bailout. She received an Investigative Emmy Award in 2002 for her series of exclusive reports about mismanagement at the Red Cross. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Listen to Music Tracks below from the INL News Movie The Great American Novel,

Taking Chances, - The Entities, Stuck In Babylon, - The Great American Novel,-  American Union Made, - ​My One and Only,-  Street Princess,- Living On Luck, -Orders From Above, - Strong Winds,-  Pretty, - You Had To Go,-  Take Your Dreams and Run Boy, - Without Blame

Julian Assange should have followed Edward Snowden to Russia
World » Europe 
The US Justice Department sent an inquiry to the UK for the extradition of journalist Julian Assange. The founder of WikiLeaks has seen a lot of tribulations lately. Pravda.Ru talked about the fate of one of the world's most famous journalists to Israel Shamir - a representative of WikiLeaks in Russia and Scandinavian countries. See

Trump Takes Control of the FED - Leads the way for other countries to follow – 6th June 2020 - Michael Tellinger

While Visiting Japan The Onsen Is One Place You Can Not Wear Clothing

Onsens, or traditional Japanese spas, are a big part of Japanese culture, with thousands located around the country. The spas are usually built around natural hot springs and can either have indoor or outdoor baths. The plot twist to this spa is that no clothes should be worn inside, not even a bathing suit.
Before entering the onsen, you are given two towels — a small one to wrap around your head while you’re soaking in the spring and a larger one for when you get out. The water is meant to be a sort of therapy to cleanse oneself.

Forget what you know | Jacob Barnett | TEDxTeen
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Sharyl Attkisson Ex CBS Investigative Journalist Award winning investigative journalist 

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke in support of a Medicare for all bill in September 2017.

Credit...Tom Brenner for The New York Times

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Ex CBS Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Masses
   November 25, 2019 By Arjun Walia

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada

The Facts:
Award winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson shows how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort mainstream media messages.

Reflect On:
The printing press and mainstream media in general is quite young. We are living in an interesting time where the majority of people are starting to see through many lies, and it has paradigm shifting implications.

Ever since Operation Mockingbird, a CIA program to infiltrate mainstream media and spread disinformation and propaganda for the purposes of controlling the perception of the masses on several different topics, people have been waking up. That was decades ago, and today, it’s easy to see how mainstream media has been completely compromised by governments, intelligence agencies and corporations. We know this from several documents and several whistleblowers, as well as multiple mainstream media journalists. For example, a declassified document from the CIA archives in the form of a letter from a CIA task force addressed to the Director of the CIA details the close relationship that exists between the CIA and mainstream media and academia. The document states that the CIA task force “now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation,” and that “this has helped us turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success” stories,’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.”

This is often why in the west, when it comes to the topic of war and terrorism, for example, we see a completely different narrative that goes against the narrative of multiple independent media outlets. Mainstream media has been used to justify the infiltration of other countries, like Syria, with ‘fake news.’ There are even whistleblowers from mainstream media in that realm as well, for example, Riam Dalati, a well known BBC Syria correspondent is one of many who created awareness about the fact that the supposed gas attacks in Douma were “staged.” You can read more about that here.

Again there are many examples, especially with regards to mainstream media in general. Not long ago, William Arkin, a longtime well known military and war reporter who is best known for his groundbreaking, three-part Washington Post series in 2010 on classified black budget programs, went public outing NBC/MSNBC as completely fake government run agencies.  You can read more about that here. Arkin is known as an American political commentator, best-selling author, journalist, activist, blogger, and former United States Army soldier. He has previously served as a military affairs analyst for the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.) You can read more about that here.

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, who was a top German journalist and editor and has been for more than two decades, went on the record stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also mentioning that noncompliance would result in him losing his job. (source)
Again, there multiple examples, as well as several examples of fake footage.
In the below eyeopening talk, veteran investigative journalist (and Former CBS NEWS investigative reporter) Sharyl Attkisson shows how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.

Edward Bernays, known as the father of public relations, sums it up best:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. (Propaganda)

There is no doubt that mainstream media plays a role on this, and that’s simply due to the fact that they are run by governments, intelligence agencies and giant corporations.

There’s a reason why independent media outlets, like Collective Evolution, have been censored and demonetized so much. In today’s day in age, presenting information with credible evidence to back it up that is a threat to corporate and political interests will be heavily censored. There is  ‘ministry of truth’ out there, one example is FakeNews watchdog NewsGuard who aims to hold independent media accountable for their stories. They are funded by Clinton donors and big pharma, with ties to the CFR, NewsGuard seems to have a clear agenda in favour of mainstream media.

With all of the control and the attempt to censor various truths, it doesn’t matter, truth always makes its way into the public domain in various areas, it’s just a process.

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“What happened to Kennedy is nearly what happened to me. America is in danger of upheavals. But you'll see. All of them together will observe the law of silence. They will close ranks. They'll do everything to stifle the scandal. They will throw Noah's cloak over these shameful deeds. In order to not lose face in front of the whole world. In order to not risk unleashing riots in the United States. In order to preserve the union and to avoid a new civil war. In order to not ask themselves questions. They don't want to know. They don't want to find out. They won't allow themselves to find out."
~ French president after returning to Paris from JFK's funeral on November 24th, 1963 (Peyrefitte's memoir in "It Was de Gaulle")
- Charles de Gaulle

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How Elizabeth Warren Got to ‘Yes’ on Medicare for All

Health care had not been a driving issue for the Massachusetts senator. But the expansive $20.5 trillion package could come to define her candidacy anyway.

By Shane Goldmacher, Sarah Kliff and Thomas Kaplan
Nov. 17, 2019®i_id=10089257520191118

Two days before Senator Elizabeth Warren rolled out a fundamental reimagining of America’s health care and tax system — a $20.5 trillion package that would dwarf all her previous plans combined — she was working the phones to personally preview her proposal and sell it to a select group of political influencers.
One was Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist, who had written skeptically days earlier that her plan to pay for “Medicare for all” was a “make-or-break moment” for her, if not the whole 2020 race. Another call was to Representative Pramila Jayapal, the lead sponsor of Medicare for all legislation in the House and a leading liberal as the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

“Pramila,” Ms. Warren told her, “we’re gonna do this.”

She would soon need every ally possible: Ms. Warren’s announcement of her Medicare for all financing package is perhaps the riskiest political bet of her campaign. Her Democratic rivals have attacked her plan as unfeasible and some voters worry that it is too radical. Ms. Warren would guarantee government health coverage to every American for the first time, erase the existing system of private insurance that currently covers more than 170 million people and pay for it with huge new taxes on corporations and the wealthy but not, her campaign claimed, with “one penny” from the middle class.
The sprawling plan is the culmination of Ms. Warren’s yearslong journey toward a full embrace of Medicare for all and a clear sign that she believes her path to the Democratic nomination, and her party’s to the White House, is through full-throated liberalism.

And yet the politics of health care have always been thorny — they powered the Democratic takeover of the House in 2018 and the Republican wave in 2010. Ms. Warren appeared to nod to that reality on Friday, announcing a two-step transition plan that would give her up to three years to try to pass Medicare for all.
The twist is that health care was never supposed to define Ms. Warren’s candidacy. That was Senator Bernie Sanders’s signature issue. Ms. Warren had entered the race and gained momentum with a populist agenda focused on breaking up Big Tech, tackling corruption in Washington and on Wall Street, and making corporations and the wealthiest Americans pay more in taxes.
But her decision to remake the health care system is now a major part of the 2020 debate, and Ms. Warren’s upward momentum in the polls has stalled as her opponents have assailed her. Political strategists say the sheer scope of her plan and her support for ending private insurance threaten to subsume her candidacy.
“She took most, if not all, of her chips and put them on this — and I do think it took a lot of political guts,” said Chris Lehane, a veteran Democratic strategist who worked in the Clinton White House. “By going big on health care, she will either go to the White House on this issue or go home because of it.”

How Ms. Warren came to put together her blueprint, including her determination to avoid middle-class tax increases, offers a revealing window into the methodical way that she operates, her approach to political balancing acts and how she might govern as president. It is a story that begins with Ms. Warren researching medical bankruptcies at Harvard nearly two decades ago and ends with her as a front-runner for the Democratic nomination, rolling out a plan while under siege from her rivals for more specifics.
Throughout, Ms. Warren has kept one eye trained on policy and the other on realpolitik: protecting her aspirational brand of liberalism and robbing Republicans (and her Democratic rivals) of a potent talking point about middle-class taxes. She ignored those in the Democratic establishment who had warned her against eliminating private insurance, and ultimately settled on a proposal whose math loosely adds up but that many, even within her party, see as mostly a values statement.The transition she announced Friday focuses her first 100 days on a public health insurance plan closer to what her more moderate rivals have championed — drawing instant condemnation that she was trying to have it both ways. “We’re not going to beat Donald Trump next year with double talk on health care,” Kate Bedingfield, a deputy campaign manager for Mr. Biden, said on Friday.

The backlash seemed to ensure that Ms. Warren will face even more pressure to explain her stance in the Democratic debate in Atlanta on Wednesday.

“Up until putting a price tag on Medicare for all she had imposed her will on the primary and dictated the tempo on her terms,” Mr. Lehane said. “This is first time that she is having to react and not follow her campaign script.”

A plan conspicuous by its absence

Ms. Warren had a plan for everything. That was her calling card almost from the start of the race. But health care was conspicuous it its absence, all the way back to her first trip to Iowa, when she barely mentioned Medicare for all. In June, Ms. Warren simply tucked into the slipstream of her liberal rival, Mr. Sanders, on his signature issue.

“I’m with Bernie on Medicare for all,” she said at the first debate.
But by fall, health care was emerging as the No. 1 issue in the campaign, and the absence of a plan was increasingly untenable. She was dogged for weeks by questions about whom she would raise taxes on, saying only that total costs for the middle class would go down.
“Your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg took aim at the last debate. “Except this.”
What few people knew then was that Ms. Warren and her Boston-based team had been privately crunching numbers since at least late August, working with the internal imperative to craft a package without hiking middle-class taxes, according to interviews with people directly involved in the process.

The onslaught at the debate accelerated the timeline. One academic described working so hard with Warren officials in late October that he was distracted from his teaching duties; another said she made final edits on a letter endorsing Ms. Warren’s math in her car at her child’s school during a Halloween parade.
“Syria is easier compared to this,” said one Warren adviser, granted anonymity to speak about the process of crafting a plan.

Kristen Orthman, Ms. Warren’s communications director, said the campaign had not been and would not be buffeted by “the cable news flavor of the week.”

“We are running a campaign on identifying what’s broken, presenting big ideas to fix it, and building a grass-roots movement to make it happen and that’s exactly what we did here,” Ms. Orthman said.
Now Ms. Warren, who declined to be interviewed for this article, must sell her plan to a Democratic Party deeply concerned about ceding any political advantage to President Trump next fall.
Skeptics of Medicare for all have ranged from Hillary Clinton to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to former President Barack Obama, who on Friday night issued a warning of his own about disrupting people’s existing insurance. “Eighty-five percent of the country has health care,” Mr. Obama said. “They may not love it, but it roughly works for them.”
Kathleen Sebelius, who had a front-row seat to the health care wars of the last decade as Mr. Obama’s first secretary of health and human services, sounded a similar note of caution. “We saw the Republicans very effectively demagogue the issue,” she said.

Even some of Ms. Warren’s supporters are wary.
“It still kind of scares me,” said Eric Spera, a 40-year-old who attended a recent town hall in Goose Creek, S.C. “I love her. I think she’s the best candidate that there is. But that’s the only drawback I have with her.”
Yet in some ways, Ms. Warren has almost proceeded as if her announcement did not happen. On the stump, she only glancingly mentions health care. And speaking to reporters the day after unveiling her Medicare for all financing plan, she uncharacteristically stumbled over the specifics, insisting, incorrectly, that only billionaires would see their taxes go up.

From skeptic to supporter

Nearly two decades earlier, Ms. Warren was meeting with fellow Harvard researchers in her light-filled office at the university’s Radcliffe Institute to pore over hundreds of accounts of how Americans went bankrupt.
The same answer kept popping up: medical bills.

“We started to hear things like, ‘I have diabetes and I can’t afford to save,’ and older people who had no savings left because of their medical bills,” said Deborah Thorne, a researcher who worked closely with Ms. Warren on the project. “I do think you could have watched our views evolving then, both for Elizabeth and me.”
Ms. Thorne recalled one story that stood out especially: a middle-aged man who had spent hours debating with his wife about whether to go to the emergency room for a second heart attack; they were worried about the bills they could not afford to pay after the first one.
“Both of us were so moved by the data and the people’s experiences, it made it clear to us: This isn’t working,” Ms. Thorne said. “So what would?”

In 2008, Ms. Thorne and Ms. Warren co-wrote a book chapter where they described single-payer health care as “the most obvious solution” to medical bankruptcy. A few paragraphs later though, they acknowledged that other policy options exist “if single-payer health insurance is politically unacceptable.”
In Ms. Warren’s 2012 Senate run, her lone competitive race against a Republican, she resisted endorsing a government-run health care program, saying “you’ve got to stay with what’s possible,” an echo of what former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. now says.

Four year later anoter member of the Harvard research team, Steffie Woolhandler, a longtime single-payer advocate, traveled to Washington to make her case for Medicare for all to Ms. Warren. But the senator demurred, saying that she would prioritize “supporting the Affordable Care Act and helping Democrats hold onto the Senate” in the upcoming election.

But a year later, it was Ms. Warren reaching out, inviting Ms. Woolhandler to her Massachusetts home on June 19, 2017. There, over tea on an indoor porch, Ms. Warren peppered her with questions about the economics of Medicare for all.
“She seemed to be thinking through the economics — essentially, why can other nations with single-payer spend no more than we do and cover everybody?” Ms. Woolhandler said.
Days later, she called for single-payer for the first time. And in September, she signed onto Mr. Sanders’s single-payer legislation. Mr. Sanders has framed health care chiefly as a matter of human rights, a way to provide medical care to the masses. Ms. Warren focused on eliminating the medical bankruptcies she had seen in her research.
Under Medicare for all, she said at the time, “Families don’t have to bear the costs of heartbreaking medical disasters on their own.”
But she stopped well short that day of saying it was the only way to proceed. “Everything should be on the table,” she said. “Medicare for all is one way.”

An early 2020 “litmus test”
The Sanders legislation represented an early 2020 ideological crossroads, not only for Ms. Warren but for much of the presidential primary field. Multiple advisers to potential candidates said the decision on whether to join with Mr. Sanders, who had made Medicare for all central to his insurgent 2016 campaign, presented one of the first sorting moments of the coming primary.
“There are people who thought it was a litmus test for being able to run for president,” said Senator Michael Bennet, a moderate Democrat who is using a long-shot presidential bid to warn his party about the electoral risk of Medicare for all.

But long after endorsing the Sanders bill, Ms. Warren’s language on Medicare for all remained fluid.

In March 2019, at a CNN forum, she said there were “a lot of different pathways” for universal coverage, and that private insurers “could” still have a role. By June, Ms. Warren was more unequivocal, raising her hand at the first presidential debate to endorse doing away with private insurers entirely.
Still, she allowed herself room to maneuver, especially on how the program would be paid for. She repeatedly refused to rule out raising middle-class taxes, saying only that she would lower overall costs. The tension came to a head in a July post-debate interview, when Chris Matthews, pressed her in a live interview on MSNBC to say what would happen to taxes. Over and over, she refused to answer.
By September, the headlines were everywhere: The candidate with a plan for everything did not have one for the issue at the center of the race. The tax question became so commonplace that Ms. Warren even got advice from the late-night host Stephen Colbert, who recommended she compare it to taxes for public schools.
Behind the scenes, her team was already pressing to get the senator on firmer rhetorical and financial footing. Two long-serving Warren aides, Jon Donenberg and Bharat Ramamurti, were spearheading the effort to develop a financing plan over the summer, with Mr. Donenberg briefing Ms. Warren on various cost options.

But the plan was not quite cooked yet by the time she stepped on the debate stage in Ohio with a bull’s-eye on her back. She had just caught Mr. Biden in national polling averages for the first time, and staked out a lead in Iowa.

A final rush

The attacks began almost immediately. First came Mr. Buttigieg. Then Senator Amy Klobuchar (“At least Bernie’s being honest here,” she said). Then Mr. Biden (“On the single most important thing facing the American public,” he said, “I think it’s awfully important to be straightforward with them.”)
From a hotel room thousands of miles away, Donald Berwick, a former federal health care official, had watched it unfold with growing frustration. For six weeks, he had been stealthily working with Ms. Warren’s campaign to develop a comprehensive way to pay for Medicare for all.
“Senator Warren was under tremendous pressure,” Dr. Berwick said. “It was the same question again and again: Where is your plan? Where is your plan? That’s her thing, she has plans.” But he said that he and Simon Johnson, an M.I.T. economist close to Ms. Warren, were not rushed by campaign officials after they began working together at the end of August.
Ms. Warren’s own staff had produced the initial outline of her proposal and began circulating it among a small network of economists and academics, both for input and, eventually, public valdation.
“It did kick into a higher gear after the last debate,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, whom the campaign has consulted on this and other policy proposals.
The Warren campaign also tipped the progressive group Data for Progress about her proposal; it rushed a poll into the field on Oct. 30 and 31, and released its favorable results on Nov. 1, the same day as Ms. Warren’s plan.
The proposal, which would require an estimated $20.5 trillion in new federal spending over 10 years, immediately came under attack from Ms. Warren’s rivals, chiefly Mr. Biden, who said “she’s making it up.” His campaign manager recently warned that Medicare for all could cost Democrats the House.
Ms. Jayapal, the Seattle congresswoman whom Ms. Warren called before releasing her plan, said it was a milestone to have a front-runner fully embrace government-provided Medicare for all.
“It was tricky political terrain because it was Bernie’s issue,” said Ms. Jayapal, who has not endorsed a Democratic candidate. “She had to figure out a way to not step on that but also make the issue her own.”
At a campaign event in North Carolina recently, Ms. Warren delivered an emphatic rejoinder to those who said it was misguided and impossible to enact.
“You don’t get what you don’t fight for,” she said.

Less than 30 minutes earlier, Ms. Warren had been asked to list the first three bills she would want to sign into law. Medicare for all did not make the cut.

Jonathan Martin contributed reporting.

Hero or Villain: The Prosecution of Julian Assange

Julian Assange is one of the most influential figures to emerge this century. The Australian born founder of WikiLeaks has harnessed the technology of the digital age to unleash an information war against governments and corporations. Now facing extradition to the US on espionage charges and with his legal fight in full swing, Assange supporters, even some of his critics, warn his prosecution marks a very dangerous chapter for freedom of speech and the public's right to know.This documentary investigates the momentous events that have led to this moment and what emerges is a picture of a polarising figure lauded and dismissed as a hero and a villain.

Julian Assange — the case of the WikiLeaks founder | DW Documentary

British police arrested Julian Assange on April 11, 2019 in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. The arrest ended nearly seven years of diplomatic asylum and left little standing between Assange and extradition. Assange has been accused of sexual assault in Sweden, while in the US he is wanted on espionage charges and for publishing top secret documents on the internet platform he founded, WikiLeaks. Since his arrest, he has been held in Belmarsh, a maximum-security prison on the outskirts of London. If the UK turns Assange over to the US, he could face up to 175 years in prison if convicted. His case is highly politicized. Some brand him a traitor. Others say he champions freedom of information. As our report shows, the case against Julian Assange also involves some apparent inconsistencies. -------------------------------------------------------------------- DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary. Subscribe to DW Documentary:


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.Wikipedia exposed as a CIA disinformation front-LibertyNews

​Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Cardio-Related Events Written by Vicki Batts and the editors of Natural News

".It is recorded fact that .AIDS is a biological weapon developed by the USA Defense Department and funded by the USA Congress ......" ...... Colonel. L. Fletcher Prouty who worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS),  CIA and Pentagon, and  served as Chief of Special Operations  under President John F. Kennedy.    TheCowHouse,com_Max_Igan  TheCrowHouse_YouTube_Archive


Eisenhower at Bohemian Grove 1950.

An FBI agent carries seized materials from the home of Jeffrey Epstein.] An FBI agent carries seized materials from the home of Jeffrey Epstein.

The Medicare for all bill, written by Mr. Sanders, was an ideological test for Ms. Warren and other presidential candidates.Credit...Tom Brenner for The New York Times

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." — C.G. Jung
Tweet by Novelicious‏ @noveliciouss Jun 23
I wish I could show you When you are lonely or in darkness The astonishing light of your own being.

Christopher Hitchens Is Remembered for his                                                            Independent Journalism
 (April 13, 1949 – December 15, 2011)

Christopher Eric Hitchens was an Anglo-American author, columnist, essayist, orator, religious and literary critic, social critic, and journalist. He contributed to New Statesman, The Nation, The Atlantic, London Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement, Slate, and Vanity Fair. Hitchens was the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of over 30 books, including five collections of essays, on a range of subjects, including politics, literature, and religion. A staple of talk shows and lecture circuits, his confrontational style of debate made him both a lauded and controversial figure and public intellectual. Known for his contrarian stance on a number of issues, Hitchens criticised such public and generally popular figures as Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and Diana, Princess of Wales. He was the elder brother of the conservative journalist and author Peter Hitchens.
Having long described himself as a socialist, a Marxist and an anti-totalitarian, Hitchens began his break from the established political left after what he called the "tepid reaction" of the Western left to the controversy over The Satanic Verses, followed by the left's embrace of Bill Clinton, and the antiwar movement's opposition to NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s.
An atheist, and a self-described antitheist, Hitchens viewed the concept of a god or a supreme being as a totalitarian belief that destroys individual freedom, and argued free expression and scientific discovery should replace religion as a means of teaching ethics and defining human civilisation. In 2007, Hitchens published his most popular book, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, which was a New York Times bestseller.
In June 2010, Hitchens was on tour in New York promoting his memoirs Hitch-22 when he was taken into emergency care suffering from a severe pericardial effusion and then announced he was postponing his tour to undergo treatment for esophageal cancer. He announced that he was undergoing treatment in a Vanity Fair piece titled "Topic of Cancer". Hitchens said that he recognised the long-term prognosis was far from positive, and that he would be a "very lucky person to live another five years". Hitchens died on December 15, 2011 at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. According to Andrew Sullivan, his last words were "Capitalism. Downfall." In accordance with his wishes, his body was donated to medical research. Hitchens wrote a book-length work about his last illness, based on his Vanity Fair columns. Mortality was published in September 2012.
A portion of the information on this page was gathered, modified and built upon in part from Wikipedia, therefore, all text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Donald Berwick, a former federal health care administrator, worked with Ms. Warren’s campaign on a plan to pay for her health care policy.

Credit...Philip Scott Andrews/The New York Times

Wikipedia exposed as a CIA disinformation front
12/12/2019 / By Ethan Huff

A new report has uncovered detailed evidence about who really controls Wikipedia, and it’s not ordinary folks volunteering their time like the platform’s creators claim.
As it turns out, Wikipedia is a deep state propaganda tool masquerading as an online “encyclopedia,” and none other than the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) monitor it 24/7 to ensure that only pre-screened misinformation makes it through the censors.
While Wikipedia may have started out as something more innocent, it has since been co-opted by government spooks who quietly edit certain key entries, including those about 9/11 and the war in Iraq, to prevent the actual truth from going public.
IP logs obtained by a program known as WikiScanner, which was developed by Virgil Griffith from the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, reveal that CIA and FBI agents are constantly making changes to Wikipedia entries as part of a covert information manipulation operation of which most everyday people are unaware.

WikiScanner data grabs show that CIA computers edited a Wikipedia entry about the 2003 invasion of Iraq, while an entry about former CIA chief William Colby was similarly altered to expand his career history and praise a Vietnam War rural pacification program he led.
Wikipedia censors about 1,000 IP addresses per DAY, says investigator
Wikipedia is also engaged in a massive censorship effort whereby it bans the IP addresses of users who try to input truth into the site that contradicts the lies being spread by the CIA and FBI.
Insiders say that Wikipedia bans upwards of 1,000 IP addresses per day, even as it claims to present “neutral,” “unbiased” information about events, people and organizations.

As we’ve also reported, long gone are the days of Wikipedia being “the people’s encyclopedia,” as the site routinely censors natural health content, as well as entries that expose the criminal racket known as Big Pharma.
It’s time to face the facts: Wikipedia is just another mainstream media outlet spreading fake news
Whether it’s the establishment “right” or the establishment “left,” Wikipedia exists to ensure that only the official narrative is put out there for mass consumption. Anything that doesn’t conform to the deep state’s version of “truth” is quickly scrubbed, often in a matter of seconds, by government jackboots who sit around all day altering Wikipedia entries as they see fit.
For the ordinary man and woman, it’s a near-impossible feat to even gain access to Wikipedia entries for the purpose of editing them, seeing as how the site has constructed a clever hierarchy process that makes it difficult to attain the same top-level privileges that the CIA and FBI have.

For all intents and purposes, Wikipedia is really just another mainstream media fake news outlet like CNN or MSNBC that spreads deep state propaganda as “facts.” The evidence is there if you’re willing to actually take a look.
“Wikipedia is part of the Establishment by all means – it’s no different from an information perspective than the CIA’s very own CNN,” reveals
“So a discussion about the MSM and CNN is appropriate here. Wikipedia’s main citation, the #1 ‘news’ source and #1 most credible news organization is – you’ve guessed it – CNN … CNN is no different than the Russian Pravda (which means in Russian ‘Truth’) used during Soviet times to spread government propaganda and politically assassinate enemies of the state.”
Be sure to check out the full exposé on Wikipedia as republished by Zero Hedge.
You can also keep up with the latest news about mainstream media deception, including the kind being pushed by Big Tech corporations like Wikipedia, by checking out
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" The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the Major Media.." ....Former CIA Director William Colby 


British Intelligence MI6 which James Cobalt, an ex  MI6 Operative says actually formed and controls the CIA

Michael Townley - "the primary liaison between Colonia Dignidad and the Pinochet regime was an American CIA agent named MichaelTownley who also served as a member of the Chilean secret police in addition to helping plan the military coup that ousted Allende." Latin American Cults Part I

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin steps down
Yahoo Finance
JAVIER E. DAVID  Dec 3rd 2019

Alphabet (GOOG) announced on Tuesday that co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin would relinquish full control of both Google and its parent company to CEO Sundar Pichai, formally ending their reign atop one of Silicon Valley’s most powerful companies.
Citing the tech giant’s evolution from its beginnings during the height of the Internet bubble, Brin and Page — who had been serving as Alphabet’s chief executive — said that the time had come “to simplify our management structure.”
In recent years, both men have largely ceded the spotlight to Pichai, a 15-year Google veteran who has become the public face of the company since taking the reins back in 2015. The holdings of Alphabet — one of the world’s most valuable companies with a market capitalization of almost $900 billion — include YouTube and recently acquired fitness tracking company FitBit.

[See Also: Google leaning into security just in time]

“We’ve never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there’s a better way to run the company,” Page and Brin wrote. “And Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a President,” they added. 
The 46 year-old entrepreneurs wrote in a blog post that “going forward, Sundar will be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet. He will be the executive responsible and accountable for leading Google, and managing Alphabet’s investment in our portfolio of Other Bets.”
The transition comes at a critical juncture for Google, which is pushing deeply into ambitious initiatives like healthcare and personal finance — but is under intensifying public pressure as data security and antitrust concerns batter the industry.
Regulators and privacy advocates are growing uneasy over the reach of big technology companies, and whether they are leveraging user data for financial gain.

Meanwhile, it was unclear whether Brin and Page — two of the last holdouts among tech founders who came age during the dotcom frenzy of the late 1990s — would divest or relinquish voting control of the company they founded. Both men will remain on the board, even as they cede operational control.
Page is one of the world’s wealthiest men, and his personal interests include renewable energy, energy-efficiency and the impact of artificial intelligence on society. He’s also an investor in Tesla (TSLA), the electric car company founded and led by Elon Musk.
Google’s stock, traded on the Nasdaq, rose modestly in after-hours trading from Tuesday’s close, to trade around $1,306.

Below is the full text of Alphabet’s blog post:
Our very first founders’ letter in our 2004 S-1 began:
“Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one. Throughout Google’s evolution as a privately held company, we have managed Google differently. We have also emphasized an atmosphere of creativity and challenge, which has helped us provide unbiased, accurate and free access to information for those who rely on us around the world.”
We believe those central tenets are still true today. The company is not conventional and continues to make ambitious bets on new technology, especially with our Alphabet structure. Creativity and challenge remain as ever-present as before, if not more so, and are increasingly applied to a variety of fields such as machine learning, energy efficiency and transportation. Nonetheless, Google’s core service—providing unbiased, accurate, and free access to information—remains at the heart of the company.
However, since we wrote our first founders’ letter, the company has evolved and matured. Within Google, there are all the popular consumer services that followed Search, such as Maps, Photos, and YouTube; a global ecosystem of devices powered by our Android and Chrome platforms, including our own Made by Google devices; Google Cloud, including GCP and G Suite; and of course a base of fundamental technologies around machine learning, cloud computing, and software engineering. It’s an honor that billions of people have chosen to make these products central to their lives—this is a trust and responsibility that Google will always work to live up to.
And structurally, the company evolved into Alphabet in 2015. As we said in the Alphabet founding letter in 2015: 

“Alphabet is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence.”

Since we wrote that, hundreds of Phoenix residents are now being driven around in Waymo cars—many without drivers! Wing became the first drone company to make commercial deliveries to consumers in the U.S. And Verily and Calico are doing important work, through a number of great partnerships with other healthcare companies. Some of our “Other Bets” have their own boards with independent members, and outside investors.
Those are just a few examples of technology companies that we have formed within Alphabet, in addition to investment subsidiaries GV and Capital G, which have supported hundreds more.  Together with all of Google’s services, this forms a colorful tapestry of bets in technology across a range of industries—all with the goal of helping people and tackling major challenges.

Our second founders’ letter began:
“Google was born in 1998. If it were a person, it would have started elementary school late last summer (around August 19), and today it would have just about finished the first grade.”

Today, in 2019, if the company was a person, it would be a young adult of 21 and it would be time to leave the roost. While it has been a tremendous privilege to be deeply involved in the day-to-day management of the company for so long, we believe it’s time to assume the role of proud parents—offering advice and love, but not daily nagging!
With Alphabet now well-established, and Google and the Other Bets operating effectively as independent companies, it’s the natural time to simplify our management structure. We’ve never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there’s a better way to run the company. And Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a President. Going forward, Sundar will be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet. He will be the executive responsible and accountable for leading Google, and managing Alphabet’s investment in our portfolio of Other Bets. We are deeply committed to Google and Alphabet for the long term, and will remain actively involved as Board members, shareholders and co-founders. In addition, we plan to continue talking with Sundar regularly, especially on topics we’re passionate about! 
Sundar brings humility and a deep passion for technology to our users, partners and our employees every day. He’s worked closely with us for 15 years, through the formation of Alphabet, as CEO of Google, and a member of the Alphabet Board of Directors. He shares our confidence in the value of the Alphabet structure, and the ability it provides us to tackle big challenges through technology. There is no one that we have relied on more since Alphabet was founded, and no better person to lead Google and Alphabet into the future.
We are deeply humbled to have seen a small research project develop into a source of knowledge and empowerment for billions—a bet we made as two Stanford students that led to a multitude of other technology bets. We could not have imagined, back in 1998 when we moved our servers from a dorm room to a garage, the journey that would follow.

Javier David is an editor for Yahoo Finance. Follow Javier on Twitter: @TeflonGeek

Why I Left Millions in Banking to Inspire Millions Online | Brian Rose | TEDxClapham
569,609 views - Feb 27, 2015
TEDx Talks
21.9M subscribers
Brian Rose had accomplished everything as a London City banker when he had an epiphany while staying at Richard Branson's chalet in Switzerland: he hated his work. So he resigned and created London Real, a video talk show with over 40 million downloads. But it wasn't that simple: his journey was fraught with self-doubt, peer-pressure, and life-defining struggles. Brian Rose is the Founder & Host of London Real, the weekly video talk show that introduces you to the most fascinating people in the world. Originally from California he moved to England thirteen years ago to be an investment banker in the City of London and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Trump Takes Control of the FED - Leads the way for other countries to follow – 6th June 2020 - Michael Tellinger

While Visiting Japan Enjoy The Unique Cuisine

If you don’t know what you are eating or what is on a menu, don’t worry about it! Part of the experience of traveling to Japan is enjoying all of the unique cuisines the country has to offer. A good rule to live by is that if it looks good or interesting, then try it! Who knows the next time you’ll be able to.
Also, if you’re in a restaurant, the wait staff is more than willing to help you pair together each of the various foods you’ve ordered. Even with the language barrier, food is a universal language! That being said, try all of the street food you can.


Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad
Colonia Dignidad, which became Villa Baviera.
"Germans in the colony knew how to keep a person alive for several days or weeks while putting him or her through the most terrible agony and humiliation..."
Colonia Dignidad is said to have links to a large number of Nazis linked to Operation Paperclip, MK ULTRA brainwashing, satanic ritual abuse, AmeriCares, the Knights of Malta and the Vatican.
German authorities investigated charges that from thirty to forty children reported missing from the Bonn and Cologne areas wound up at Colonia Dignidad. 
Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad

Pamela Anderson, a popular and well known actress  is one of Julian Assange's most determined and strong supporters who feels that there has been a misdirection of law in the way they Authorities have dealt with Julian Assange. Pamela Denise Anderson is a Canadian-American actress, model and animal rights activist. Anderson is best known for her appearances in Playboy magazine and for her work on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch and V.I.P.. The actor Pamela Anderson has said Julian Assange 'does not deserve to be in a supermax prison' after visiting the WikiLeaks founder. Assange is in Belmarsh prison in south-east London serving a 50-week sentence for breaching his bail conditions  Pamela Anderson speaks out after visiting Julian Assange in prison Please view:

The New York Times Politics- November 18, 2019
Good Monday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today.

Health care had not been a driving issue for Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. But the expansive $20.5 trillion package — which would redefine health care access and upend the tax system to pay for it — is perhaps the riskiest political bet of her campaign.  

The Democratic Attorneys General Association will become the first national party committee that will refuse to endorse any candidate who does not support reproductive rights and expanding access to abortion services.  

Ahead of a potential presidential run, former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg reversed his longstanding support of the aggressive “stop and frisk” policing strategy he pursued for a decade, and which led to the disproportionate profiling of black and Latino people in the city.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., continues to surge in Iowa, leapfrogging Ms. Warren and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to hold a commanding lead among likely Democratic caucusgoers, according to a poll from The Des Moines Register and CNN. 

John Bel Edwards of Louisiana, a rare Democratic governor in the South, was re-elected for a second term on Saturday, beating back a challenger heavily supported by President Trump.  

In Louisiana and Kentucky, Mr. Trump’s political pleas appeared to energize Democrats and moderates as much as his own base, sending turnout in cities and suburbs soaring and making his efforts to endorse Republican candidates backfire.  

House Republicans, bracing for another week of impeachment hearings, tried on Sunday to shift their emphasis in how they defend the president, arguing that he had done nothing wrong because his plans for Ukraine to investigate his political rivals never came to fruition.  

A coalition of conservative groups is harnessing the outrage and money of its grass-roots networks to defend Mr. Trump against a fast-moving impeachment inquiry, showing what an unofficial war room for the president looks like in the age of social media.

In the 2017 fiscal year, FedEx owed more than $1.5 billion in taxes. The next year, it owed zero. What changed was the Trump administration’s tax cut — for which the company had lobbied hard.

Holmes: I’d ‘never seen anything’ like Trump-Sondland call The Associated Press  

Holmes: I’d ‘never seen anything’ like Trump-Sondland call[The Associated Press]
Nov 18th 2019 10:18PM

WASHINGTON — The phone call State Department official David Holmes overheard between President Donald Trump and Ambassador Gordon Sondland lasted just two minutes. But it won’t be easily forgotten.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Holmes told Trump impeachment investigators, “someone calling the President from a mobile phone at a restaurant, and then having a conversation of this level of candor, colorful language. There’s just so much about the call that was so remarkable that I remember it vividly.”
Holmes’ first-hand account of the conversation heard over lunch in Kyiv provides a key piece of the impeachment inquiry. He is among the only witnesses testifying so far to show Trump personally seeking investigations into Democrats and his potential 2020 rival Joe Biden that are central to the probe.

A transcript of Holmes’ closed-door testimony was released Monday. Holmes, a political counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, is scheduled to testify publicly Thursday.
The conversation between the president and the ambassador came one day after the July 25 call when Trump asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy for a favor with the investigations. At the time, the Trump administration was withholding $391 million in military aid to the ally in what Democrats say amounts to “bribery.” Trump says he did nothing wrong. A whistleblower’s complaint about it led the House to launch the impeachment inquiry.

Holmes joined Sondland and others during the lunch meeting and told investigators Trump was talking so loudly he could hear the president clearly on the ambassador’s phone.

"I then heard President Trump ask, quote, ‘So he’s going to do the investigation?’” Holmes testified. “Ambassador Sondland replied that ‘He’s going to do it,’ adding that President Zelensky will, quote, ‘do anything you ask him to.’"

Holmes said he didn't take notes of the conversation he overheard between Trump and Sondland but remembers it "vividly."

Pressed during the closed-session interview if anyone helped him recall the details, Holmes said, “that wouldn’t have been needed, sir, because, as I said, the event itself was so distinctive that I remember it very clearly.”

A transcript was also released late Monday from an interview with David Hale, the State Department’s No. 3 official.
Hale was questioned earlier this month about the abrupt removal of the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who delivered chilling testimony last week about her ouster amid a “smear” campaign by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.
As the undersecretary of State for political affairs, Hale said he repeatedly pushed for a State Department statement defending the ambassador, who spent a 33-year career in the foreign service. But that effort failed.

He said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “most likely would have been the person” to make the decision not to publicly support Yovanovitch.

Hale provided new information with call records showing Pompeo and Giuliani had been in touch twice, on March 28 and March 29, around the time of her ouster. Hale is set to testify publicly Wednesday.
The impeachment inquiry is bringing to light the oversized role Giuliani is playing in Trump’s Ukraine policy, in what other diplomats have suggested amounts to a shadow diplomacy, outside of official channels.
Holmes said it became clear Giuliani was pursing the investigations Trump wanted.

“Mr. Giuliani was promoting the investigations issue,” Holmes testified. “I guess I would say that Giuliani was sort of meddling in Ukrainian affairs by asking them to open an investigation that would — could be perceived as meddling in U.S. politics.”

After meetings in Kyiv, Holmes joined Sondland and others for lunch at an outside restaurant.
It was surprising, he testified, when Sondland called Trump even though “we generally assume that mobile communications in Ukraine are being monitored.” He said at least two of the three — and maybe all three — mobile networks in Ukraine are owned by Russian companies.
“In my experience, generally, phone calls with the President are very sensitive and handled accordingly,” he testified.
He asked Sondland about Trump’s views on Ukraine. Sondland told him Trump does not "give a shit" about Ukraine, saying he only cares about "big stuff." Holmes noted Ukraine is, in fact, at war with Russia. But Sondland told Trump was more concerned with the "big stuff that matters to him, like this Biden investigation that Giuliani is pushing."

Holmes said, “I think the Ukrainians gradually came to understand that they were being asked to do something in exchange for the meeting and the security assistance hold being lifted.”
Associated Press writer Jill Colvin contributed to this report

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While Visiting Japan You Should Your Waiter Won’t Come To You

In Western restaurants, customers are used to having their servers drop by frequently. Don’t expect the same attention in Japan. Here, it’s considered rude for a waiter to check in with their customers. They don’t want to interrupt a potentially important conversation.
To grab your server’s attention, you’ll have to call for them. Do this by saying “sumimasen,” which means “excuse me” in Japanese. In some restaurants, your table will have a call button that you can press for assistance. Don’t be shy; responding to your call is the waiter’s job.

Trump: IG report documents 'attempted overthrow' of government
NBC News
[NBC News]
Dec 9th 2019 3:59PM 
 WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Monday that a new Justice Department report that found a solid legal basis for the original FBI investigation of his 2016 campaign had actually documented an "attempted overthrow" of the government that was "far worse than I ever thought possible."
"We're lucky we caught 'em," he said at the White House, following the release of the long-awaited report by the Justice Department's watchdog that rebutted his regular depiction of a politically biased plot against him.
The report by the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz concluded that the FBI and the Justice Department launched their investigation into the 2016 campaign not for political reasons, but due to evidence the Russian government was using go-betweens to reach out to the Trump campaign as part of its efforts to influence the election.

The finding undercut repeated claims by Trump has his allies that the Russia investigation was a politically-motivated "witch hunt" designed to prevent him from becoming president and that his campaign was spied on by the Obama administration.

Trump sought to shift focus to the report's finding that the FBI mishandled parts of its application to monitor a former Trump campaign aide as it probed possible Russian interference in the 2016 election, rather than focusing on the conclusion that the overall investigation was justified and not politically motivated.
Just months into his presidency. Trump claimed that President Barack Obama had his phones lines tapped in Trump Tower, a claim he said earlier this year "turned out to be true," despite no evidence of any such action. Today's report said that was not the case.
Before the report was released, Trump had looked to promote it over the impeachment hearings taking place the same day.
"I.G. report out tomorrow. That will be the big story!" he tweeted Sunday.
Trump has also been seeking to shift the focus to another report being carried out by U.S. Attorney John H. Durham, who was appointed by the attorney general to look into the origins of the investigation.
In an unusual move for an investigator who has yet to conclude his work, Durham said in a Monday statement that he had "advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.”

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Dems split on using Mueller evidence in impeachment articles
Founders would be 'horrified': Legal scholars testify Trump should be impeached
White House rejects House Judiciary Committee's invitation to attend impeachment hearing

Ex-Tory minister 'pictured in child sex abuse video' confiscated by customs.

Peter Glencross, commercial manager of Spartacus, helped persuade Carole Kasir to turn her Elm Guest House into a boy brothel.
Peter Glencross reportedly set out to create a network of child brothels for Spartacus members.
Customers of the Elm Guest house included members of MI5 and a cabinet minister, reportedly.
Elm guest house scandal: Coded advert that gave signal to perverts

​​"Want to become one of the top 100 most influential or powerful people in the world ... then launch and develop a popular, well used and well liked website that becomes one of the top 100 used websites in the world ,,, just like people such as Jimmy Wales who founded Wikipedia, who is reported to be in the top 100 most influential people on Planet Earth ...  not forgetting Mark Zuckerberg, who founded FaceBook who is one of those near the top of the list ....Walter Davis of INL News

Wikipedia Exposed Media - WEM